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Jenny As A Key International Trainer

“Just to say that Jenny has delivered in Nelson most successfully over our 4 days!! As she was when I first met Jenny – dynamic, beautiful and her vision and presentation style are second none in the world!! We have had thank yous from participants overnight and this morning. This tells everything as so often little comes back. Jenny has certainly spread her very special ‘Jenny star-dust’ across this region. Just wanted to say thanks. What an extraordinary lady!!!” Lyn Evans, Nelson Bays RTLB Cluster Manager, New Zealand 2016

Jenny Mosley’s Whole School Model has proved time and time again that it works in many different lands and cultures. Jenny, as a well-travelled international trainer, has successfully implemented staff training programmes, provided consultancy and established school systems in international and local schools in many different countries. Those countries include: New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, Denmark,India, Hong Kong, Qatar, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, Cayman Islands and many European countries. A mixture of conferences, working with groups of schools, Train The Trainers projects and consultation has made this international training an important and formative part of Jenny’s work.

Jenny’s Work As An International Trainer

Jenny is frequently invited to work with staff in both international and local schools. Moral values and many aspects of the QCT model – like developing emotional literacy and social skills, promoting communication and positive behaviour in children – remain the same wherever you are.

“I thank you for your amazing presentation of such a life-changing philosophy and positive programme that sustains respectful and systematic life in schools. Long may your bubbly enthusiasm spread the message that educators need to adopt and adapt into their own ecological environments for the wellbeing and growth of all there. I was so fortunate to be part of this group of like-minded people all enjoying the learnings and revisiting that you have so generously imparted to us.”  Julie Fox – Cluster Manager, Nga Hau e Wha Papakura/Pukekohe Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour 2016

Jenny can work with your pupils and staff a an international trainer during working in school days or hold a conference with exciting workshops and memorable speeches. We can deliver a Train The Trainers course that lasts a few days to take teachers through Jenny’s Whole School Model (which would literally transform your school) or arrange for our consultant to work in one school one day and another school the next day.

International Train The Trainers Courses

Jenny was an international trainer in New Zealand – see Jenny’s blog about a transformative international Train the Trainers course.

“People matter most. If that is so, then how is this reflected in the way we value and give time to nurture dreams, share problems and celebrate successes? As a Headteacher of three very different schools in my career so far, I have found that ‘Quality Circle Time’ as an approach, builds within a learning community an effective framework for the development of these essential social and emotional skills. ‘Golden Time’ for me fosters a unique and tailored reward system that identifies good learner behaviours and celebrates the individual success of all achievers, whilst quietly challenging those who are yet to catch on. As a Headteacher I have found these systems to be of fundamental value in developing the staff and children in my care. If people really do matter, then curriculum time spent effectively in this way, reaps rewards above and beyond the classroom itself and long into the future.” Mr. Richard Vaughan, Headteacher of An Phu Primary Campus, British International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

International Trainer School Case Study

Jenny has worked as an international trainer with the amazing St Paul’s School in Sao Paulo, Brazil many times over the years. The school has a history of dynamic and progressive leadership, willing to embrace change and work to find new ways of supporting and motivating pupils o achieve their very best. These were Jenny’s parting comments on departure from Brazil after one of her training trips:

“So good luck to St Paul’s school. We are on a journey – with kindness and gentleness and regular circle time for the adults – we will all, young people, parents, teachers, admin, catering and support staff, see ourselves as part of one listening school.”

Do click to read some of Jenny’s blogs and news of articles by staff from the schools. You can see the Golden Rules on the school’s website.

Jenny’s Third Trip to Brazil 2015

Click to see the International Golden Rules on the website of St Paul’s School, Sao Paulo, Brazil

How I teach – A divide and rule play plan by Ane D’Heuresel Baldisseri. Jenny has enjoyed working with Anne D’Heuresel Baldisseri, the author of this article, in Brazil and so was thrilled to be sent this article on playground zoning, as published in the TES.

“Leadership and Consistency – and Positive Behaviour Through QCT by Anne D’heursel Baldisseri, Brazil” Read another great article, published in the TES, written after Jenny’s work in Brazil. 

Beautiful Brazil 2012 – This is Segment 1: Brazilian Stamina

Beautiful Brazil 2012 – Segment 3: St Paul’s Seconday School

Beautiful Brazil 2012 – Segment 4: The Conference

Beautiful Brazil 2012 – Segment 5: Being in Brazil and those Existential Questions!

Getting In Touch

Wherever you are, we are just a phone call or an email away. For fully flexible training please contact Jenny Mosley to see how Jenny, as an international trainer, and the team can help you and your school or early learning provision. Please email or phone 01225 767157.


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