Midday Supervisor Training – Keeping Lunchtimes and Playtimes Safe and Sensational

Midday Supervisor Training

Much of the work that we do is to celebrate the role of Midday Supervisors and Lunchtime Supervisors (as sometimes different schools have different titles for these hard working members of staff).  Midday Supervisors have a very important role to play in the smooth running of a school – they help determine whether a school is happy or not and can have a profound effect on individual children’s lives – so when schools offer Midday Supervisor Training – this is good news.

Lunchtimes and playtimes can be the most challenging times of the day for some children. Challenging behaviour, playground upsets, wet weather, over-excited or bored children need very well-structured supervision so that they return to the classroom refreshed, happy and ready for the afternoon. Jenny Mosley’s Midday Supervisor Training and Lunchtime Supervisor Training can really help with ideas, advice and helping to inspire confidence and provide motivation.

We believe great Midday Supervisors …

  • Have a very important role to play.
  • Effect ethos and happiness in school.
  • Help get children more active.
  • Can make lunchtimes fun and safe.
  • Deserve helpful resources and training.
  • Benefit from, and deserve, Midday Supervisor Training.

Midday Supervisor Training

I provide Lunchtime Supervisor Training for anyone who works with children at lunchtimes. Open training courses include, Powerfully Positive Lunchtimes And Playtimes And Calm Dining Halls,  Better Behaviour for Learning – Promoting Positive Relationships through Circle-Time.  I can come into your school for an INSET Training day or during an ordinary school day.  It may even be worth you getting together with a cluster of schools to host a training day with all your midday supervisors and teachers and even some parents and have a day on a ‘whole school approach to happier lunchtimes’.  This is where I will come into your school and share with you my whole school approach through Midday Supervisor Training and training for all other staff when requested.

“We had a fantastic day. Please thank Jenny and tell her the feedback was moving, she is truly inspirational! The teachers are all talking about the day and we are setting up a working group to ensure we have continuity throughout the school. Playtimes are continually being improved but the staff moral and particular issues where defiantly highlighted. We will work on all issue, have fun and play lots! A huge thank you.” Louise Siriwetchaphan – Pupil Support Worker  Beechwood Primary School 2015

Find Our More About Midday Supervisor Training

Find out more about Jenny Mosley Training & Conferencing, or call us on 01225 767157 or email circletime@jennymosley.co.uk

Midday Supervisor Training – Resources

In our webshop we have many resources to help Midday Supervisors keep playgrounds organised, fun and interesting and great Midday Supervisors Pack – a lovely helping hand for hardworking Midday Supervisors!

You will also find these great resources for Midday Supervisors in our webshop: Positive Playtimes – a book of exciting ideas for peaceful lunchtime and playtimes, including ideas to build Midday Supervisor’s self-esteem and tips on how to ensure that they feel a part of the school and that their opinions matter; Tips for Midday Supervisorseasy booklet to dip into for quick and practical ideas; Pocket Books full of games from skipping to crazes–we are really pleased with our new Pocket Playground Games from Around the World, which brings together different cultures and ideas, whilst encouraging children to have fun together; Zone Manager resources–Zone Managers help other children learn games relevant to their zone and also bring out and  put away equipment–and we have our Playground Friends caps and tabards– and then there are Playground Friend resources–Playground Friends are given the responsibility of being FRIENDLY and noticing all the children who look lonely or who need some playtime support. Zone Managers and Playground Friends are both really important roles that support Midday Supervisors and really help to make the playground a safe, fun place to be.

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say that we have been running your Golden ticket / table idea for the last two weeks, following on from the training you gave in Peterborough a few weeks ago. It has made a huge difference to the noise levels in the dinner hall and the children are loving trying to win a ticket, by being the first to notice me with my hand up for quiet, helping to tidy away and playing new games with different groups of children. Many Thanks for the fantastic course.” Claire Belson – Senior Midday Supervisor Northborough Primary School 2016

 Midday Supervisor Training

Midday Supervisors love Jenny’s handy book Top Tips for Midday Supervisors and you can browse all our fantastic lunchtimes resources in our webshop.

You may like to see our dining hall articles in Headteacher Update, the TES and Education Today (p.19). You can also read a lunchtimes training blog about dining hall systems that really work or an alternative blog about a booking for training that covered 9 different schools and a week-long project.

“I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for such a wonderful day at Crosfield School. It was truly inspiring both me both professionally and personally. You have put life in perspective and I hope to bring the children at my school a piece of your guidance through me. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have met you and I hope our paths cross again. Many many thanks.” Mrs Simone Hutchinson – Teaching Assistant and Lunchtimes Manager Oaklands Infant School, Crowthorne 2015