Little Miss Elf and Safety

I think that one of the best bits about teaching is the fact that children are very funny.  I worry that in some schools they are losing their sense of humour… inspections, tests and an overcrowded curriculum can glaze the mind so we forget to live in the moment and respond to what that moment brings.  Anyway I’m very lucky because I can go in and work with children and do what I love best which is Circle Time – and playing Circle Time Games!  Circle Time is a glorious mix of games, debate, make believe, drama and fun.

The other day, during a Circle Time Game, I was in the middle of the circle walking around pretending to be a little girl who did not have a friend.  Up sprung a Year 1 child to my rescue, who asked if I would like to play with her.  I was delighted and told her that I had been waiting for a friend for a long time because my aunty from America had sent me an incredible long skipping rope which, when you turn it with a friend, sparks come out.  My eyes were alight with excitement when, as a little girl, I handed her the imaginary rope.  Imaginary rope.  She took the end of the rope but looked me straight in the eye and said, “No”.  Puzzled, I said, “What do you mean, ‘No’”?  “We cannot play with fire in the playground”.  Staying within the metaphor, I said “Ah, but it will be so beautiful – showers of gorgeous sparks for us to skip through”.  “No”.  Floored, I resorted to coming out of the metaphor and pleading, “But it’s only imaginary – we’re just pretending!”.  “No… I don’t care, I don’t want to give any of these children any ideas”.  There is no doubt that this child is going to make the best Elf and Safety Officer that’s ever walked a playground!!!


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