Are You Thinking About How to Improve Your Healthy Dining Hall?

This Healthier Dining Halls Value Pack is designed to inspire children towards making healthier food choices and positive, healthy dining hall behaviour. The resources support midday supervisors and management in creating a happy, healthy dining hall experience every day. Additionally, Ofsted are now inspecting Dining Halls and looking for positive behaviour and healthy eating.

The pack includes Jenny’s book, ‘How to Create Calm Dining Halls’ which is flying off the shelves as headteachers and caterers realise that so much more can be done to enhance this time of the day and to create a healthy dining hall. Lunchtimes can make a very significant difference to health, behaviour, the overall school atmosphere and afternoon learning.

Wally Wheelbarrow’s Guide for Healthy Eating is a child-friendly, colourful and practical book with facts, recipes and engaging images that are sure to fire children’s imaginations. The Inspirational Fruit and Vegetable posters will provide a stunning backdrop on the walls in the dining hall – helping children to become inspired about making healthy choices and helping to redefine the norm when it comes to advertising food groups.

“We know a healthy meal can help concentration, but dining halls are not just a place for children to refuel, they are also a place where children relax and learn valuable socialising skills. With Ofsted inspectors being asked to observe pupils during lunchtime, including in the dining hall in order to ‘consider how Lunchtime and the Dining Space contribute to good behaviour and the culture in the school’, and the introduction of free school meals – this book has never been more needed!”

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Pack Contains:
Inspirational Fruit and Vegetable Posters A2 x 12 different designs
Wally Wheelbarrow’s Guide for Healthy Eating
How to Create Calm Dining Halls plus CD
Individual Dining Hall Rules Posters A3 x 9 different designs3