Research support in exchange for discounted schools’ training – can you help? (See sample programmes below)

Jenny Mosley is a nationally and internationally renowned CPD provider. To support research into our training and educational models we just need a few schools willing to complete a before and after questionnaire.  In return we will offer:

  • A Working In School Day programme (during an ordinary working day or
  • A Training Day on Positive Lunchtimes for TAs, Teachers and Mid-day Supervisors

(see sample training programmes below!)

The cost will be £950+ expenses and will include £100 voucher for Positive Press books (click here for shop / phone 01225 767157 to see which books are Positive Press).

For more information contact: Lisa Pooley on or

Phone 01225 767157

Jenny Mosley is available for Headteachers Conferences and as an Educational Speaker at UK and Overseas Conferences.