Are children getting enough activity and exercise?

According to the Chief Medical Officer, only half of seven year olds are meeting the physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes a day! It can be difficult to find more time within the school day. That’s where these energisers and activities really come into their own – helping your class to become energised children!

You can’t keep stretching young minds without giving them quick physical classroom energisers between the learning concepts! This pack will help you energise your class and will help your energised children to feel ready for learning.

This classroom energisers pack contains:

  • Big Book of Energizers by Jenny Mosley and Zara Niwano and is brimming with classroom energisers
  • Warm Up with the Sticky Kids CD
  • Big, coloured parachute and coloured ball
  • Making Waves by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet

Embedding activity into the regular curriculum has supported higher levels of attendance and reduced incidences of sporadic sickness. Most importantly, our pupils thrive within an environment where physical activity is seen as the norm. Am Rai, Headteacher Montpelier Primary School, Ealing, London

The Big Book of Energisers is designed for dipping-into, there are 120 stand-alone ideas to boost energy and enliven your class at any time of day.  These exercises help children to learn faster – energised children will become better learners!

“Yippee. These are terrific. Any time I notice I’ve ‘lost them’ – or a child is messing around – I quickly help everyone refocus by using one of these ideas! The second after the game is when the learning opportunity comes!”

Format: (Positive press) A4, 136 pp, black and white paperback, 295mm x 195mm


Warm Up with the Sticky Kids CD.  Schools who’ve been using this happy little ‘wake up – shake up’ programme report it really works to help throw off any ‘morning sluggishness’!

Big, coloured Parachute and Ball 

Our brightly coloured, durable, non-rip nylon parachute (3.5m) has plenty of room for the whole class and will inspire exhilarating games as well as restful relaxation. It is always a popular treat. With 12 handles to help little hands hold on, it also packs down into a small, neat drawstring bag for storage. We are now including a lovely strong and bright beach ball as so many of the parachute games need a ball. They can both be used in the classroom and outside.

Format: Parachute 3.5 m diameter, multi coloured inflatable ball 20in/41cm.

Making Waves by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet. It’s all very well having a parachute but do you know what to do with it? This 80-page handbook is based on Jenny and Helen’s extensive experience of developing parachute games. It is suitable for schools, youth groups, social services and health departments. This book will teach you how to get started with a parachute, develop active and reflective games, and end a session calmly.   If you find that after a couple of activities you are struggling for ideas, this wonderful collection of games is precisely what you need to get the most out of your parachute. Parachute games are an exciting way to develop children’s self confidence, team building and co-operation skills, and emotional literacy. In addition, they are incredible fun!

‘Making Waves’ is an essential resource for the creative and meaningful use of parachute games. “…a wonderful way to have fun and build teams – store this book in the bag with the ‘chute’!” 

Format: (LDA) 80pp b&w paperback/246mm x 168mm


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