Jenny (International School Conference Presenter) To Address The Teacher Foundation ‘Schools That Care’ Conference July 2017, Bangalore, India

Jenny has enjoyed working with Maya Menon and colleagues at The Teacher Foundation, Bangalore, India over a period of many years. This has involved several trips as an International School Conference Presenter, consultations and working in individual schools. The Teacher Foundation uses Jenny’s Golden Model in areas of their important work with schools in India.

So when Jenny heard that The Teacher Foundation was holding a conference this year it was an easy decision to make to agree to present at the conference. The conference has a fantastic promotional video – you can see it below.

This promises to be such a great conference, essential to schools. As well as working with individual schools during her time in India this summer, Jenny will be providing a keynote address on the Whole School Quality Circle Time model which focuses upon mental health and wellbeing in schools, positive behaviour for learning, developing social and emotional competencies and encouraging active enjoyable lunchtimes and playtimes.

Here is an outline of what will be covered during the three days of the educational conference.


The first day of the conference explores why the larger ideas of empathy, tolerance, care, humaneness is so vital for schools to purposefully engage with today. Opening key note address by Prof. Roger Weissberg, Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois and CEO and President of CASEL (Collaborative of Academic, Social and Emotional Learning)


The second day focuses on practical ways to foster these ideas in Indian schools. The Keynote address of the day will be by Jenny Mosley, Creator of the Whole School Ecosystemic Model of Quality Circle Time, UK and powerful plenary sessions by Manish Sabharwal, Chairman and Co-founder of TeamLease & Chintan Modi, writer, educator and Peace-builder.


The third and final day of the conference again shares meaningful ways to reduce curriculum overload while deepening learning experiences. Student voice will be an important aspect of this day – beginning with a thought-provoking panel discussion with school students. The closing keynote address by Ali Pretty, carnival designer and artistic director of Kinetika, UK and local school students.

To find out more:

To find out more about this conference, please go to the special conference section on The Teacher Foundation.

To find out more about Jenny Mosley as an International School Conference Presenter, please phone 01225 767157 or email


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