Social Distancing Games for Children – Free Rope Skipping Games Vol 1 Book

Social Distancing Games for Children?

“LIGHT BULB MOMENT……SKIPPING GAMES – Could They Be The Best Social Distancing Games Ever?

I was always in playgrounds skipping with children – up until the pandemic that is!

When I trained midday supervisors in thousands of schools,

we would agree a rota of key playground duties that each midday supervisor would engage with each day.

SKIPPING was always (apart from football!!!) the key game that children of all ages loved.

I have been collecting games as a teacher since 1972 – so I have 48 years’ worth, either in publishes Positive Press books or handwritten in notebooks.

So in these horribly socially distanced playtimes, I decided to GIVE AWAY our long rope skipping games for free. Just use a long skipping rope – one adult and a tall child hold either end of the rope with a child skipping in the middle. They can all line up 2 metres away. Everyone is always desperate for a go.

You might also want to know that I do have a really comprehensive, therapeutic resource available in the shop as well called ‘From Lockdown to Listening’ – An Online Recovery Curriculum Resource.”

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