What international schools say:

“….. we all felt that Jenny Mosley gave us good building blocks to support us in dealing with behaviour, mindfulness, morale of staff, listening systems and learning skills and the golden rules. Great workshop!”

When asked at a job interview a number of years ago, “What one INSET has influenced you most as a teacher?” for me, it was a gift question. I attended my first training session on Circle Time run by Jenny Mosley in 1987. As a young teacher, it shaped my outlook on working with children and adults, which has remained with me ever since. I have worked in a range of Primary and Middle schools in the state and private sector both in the UK and overseas in British International Schools; 25 years of my teaching career have been in senior management roles. I have seen Jenny’s Circle Time model work successfully for numerous cohorts of children in the very different types of schools in which I have taught. Whilst the model has evolved and been refined over time, the underlying message remains the same: the importance of active listening, respect for self and others, and the importance of modelling expected behaviours.
In these troubling and difficult times, I cannot think of a more important aim for schools than to help children grow up to take their place in society as happy, balanced, respectful, confident, caring citizens. Circle Time is a tried and tested model that will help create a happier school environment to make that dream come true.
Philip Dixon Year 5 Teachers, Dallington School, Madrid
Assistant Principal, Primary Section Bangkok Patana School
Head of Assessment, Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur

Philip Dixon International Testimonial for Jenny Mosley’s Circle Time

“Jenny was a much needed breath of fresh air and delivered our training with passion and boundless energy. Her ability to gauge very quickly our school's needs and adapt her sessions is an indication of her enormous experience in the field. She was honest throughout and was able to deliver some tough messages through kindness, attentiveness and empathy. We are so thrilled to now start implementing the great work Jenny did with us and are excited to continue this relationship with her!” Matthew Connell, Primary Principal, Kuwait Bilingual School 2018

Kuwait Wellbeing Training 2018

Thank you @JennyMosleyQCT for inspiring @BST_Tokyo with your insight into powerfully positive playtimes - we are really excited to bring lots of fresh and engaging games on to our playgrounds! Richard Taylor, Assistant Head of Primary Learning and Teaching, British School in Tokyo 2018

Tokyo 2018 a

“Thank you very much. I believe Jenny's time with us has started a positive growth in our health & wellbeing programme; as well as, establishing a more positive ethos in the school.” Tim Stearns (New International School, Tokyo)

Tokyo 2018 b

Jenny Mosley shared her boundless enthusiasm and inspirational spirit with Chilean educators between the 6th and 12th of April this year as we reflected on the positive contribution Circle Time makes towards children’s well-being. Jenny led a wonderfully active session at the Leaders’ Seminar and then two lively conference sessions in the university lecture theatre packed with appreciative and enthralled teachers. Conference was an exploration of school life and of ways to encourage and engage children and adults in their personal growth.
The Train the Trainers professional development workshop over the week following the seminar and conference was undoubtedly the very best experience for everyone fortunate to be enrolled.
Jenny’s perceptive professional presence gave everyone a heightened sense of commitment towards what they came to understand was possible through carefully crafted Circle Time. Jenny in action over the days of the Train the Trainers workshop made a very real difference to the professional growth of all - they all agreed that they had been uplifted and had their eyes opened to new ways of seeing.
Freddie Russell-King, Chair, Education Committee, Association of British Schools in Chile.

Chile Conferences and Train the Trainers 2018

"I thank you for your amazing presentation of such a life-changing philosophy and positive programme that sustains respectful and systematic life in schools. Long may your bubbly enthusiasm spread the message that educators need to adopt and adapt into their own ecological environments for the wellbeing and growth of all there. I was so fortunate to be part of this group of like-minded people all enjoying the learnings and revisiting that you have so generously imparted to us."

Julie Fox – Cluster Manager
Nga Hau e Wha Papakura/Pukekohe Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour

"People matter most. If that is so, then how is this reflected in the way we value and give time to nurture dreams, share problems and celebrate successes? As a Headteacher of three very different schools in my career so far, I have found that ‘Quality Circle Time’ as an approach, builds within a learning community an effective framework for the development of these essential social and emotional skills. ‘Golden Time’ for me fosters a unique and tailored reward system that identifies good learner behaviours and celebrates the individual success of all achievers, whilst quietly challenging those who are yet to catch on. As a Headteacher I have found these systems to be of fundamental value in developing the staff and children in my care. If people really do matter, then curriculum time spent effectively in this way, reaps rewards above and beyond the classroom itself and long into the future."

Mr. Richard Vaughan – Headteacher
An Phu Primary Campus, British International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"Just to say that Jenny has delivered in Nelson most successfully over our 4 days!! As she was when I first met Jenny - dynamic, beautiful and her vision and presentation style are second none in the world!! We have had thank yous from participants overnight and this morning. This tells everything as so often little comes back. Jenny has certainly spread her very special 'Jenny star-dust' across this region. Just wanted to say thanks. What an extraordinary lady!!!"

Lyn Evans – Cluster Manager
Nelson Bays RTLB, New Zealand