What Headteachers and Senior Managers say:

We recently had the great pleasure of working with Jenny Mosley as part of a collaboration of 9 schools within our ‘self-improving schools’ system in Peterborough. Following a highly motivating joint training day in April, involving teachers from all of the 9 schools, Jenny returned to each of the schools in mid-May to deliver half a day of bespoke training. The model allowed all of the schools to be energised by Jenny’s work at the start, but then allowed time to reflect on how best her involvement could be used to make an impact in the individual schools themselves before her return. Each school then negotiated what would be delivered, ranging from modelling of quality circle time, delivery at staff meetings etc. to hands on work with midday supervisors through lunchtime and into the afternoon. Feedback from all schools has been fantastic and it’s clear that the impact of this model is so much greater than simply attending Jenny’s training, no matter how good that is!

Stuart Mansell, Headteacher, Nene Valley Primary School, Peterborough (2017)

Quote from Stuart Mansell, Nene Valley Primary School 2017

“We spend a lot of time in our setting encouraging the staff to look at and support children's well-being and of course this is a priority but for us our staff are also a priority. With ever increasing challenges in education we realise that times are hard for staff and I questioned how can you support children and their well being when your own well-being is low. We wanted to show staff we care and give them the tools to recognise and look after their own well-being which is where Jenny came in. She provided a wonderful day of training, it was fun and engaging but most importantly it gave staff time away from the school to think about how to look after themselves. As well as making us laugh (which was therapy in itself) Jenny taught us how to be reflective on what happens during the day, what feelings we encounter and how to deal with them effectively. Staff left feeling ready to take on the challenges of education and I left confident that my staff were happier and more in control of their own well being. It truly was a great day so thank you Jenny it was a pleasure working with you.” Emma Rose Pobjoy, Headteacher, Pastures Way Nursery School, Luton

Early Years Wellbeing Training
Early Years Wellbeing Training

I wanted to write and thank you for a brilliant contribution to our Headteacher Conference two weeks ago. I thought your input was exactly right – amusing, engaging, uplifting, inspiring and, actually, full of sound common sense! As for the level of energy you manage to amass, it was a source of comment from many heads - you are a model for us all. The feedback from the conference was very gratifying. A number of heads took the trouble to let us know that it was the best they’d attended or – in two cases – better than the most recent conferences at NCSL and the NAHT. Your session was clearly greatly admired and appreciated and there were many positive comments. One young head, who wrote, ‘Thank you for organising something for ME’ (sic) must have had your input at the front of her mind. Thank you for leaving an indelible memory of such a significant and enjoyable morning. Thank you again, Jenny. Hopefully our paths will cross again, but I wish you continued success, health and happiness.

John Sandfield Head of Service, Primary Leadership Development

Headteacher Conference Feedback

Jenny Mosley has been with us every step of the way on our 5 year journey. We moved into a failing school where a significant minority of children roamed the corridors, head butted windows and swore at adults, smashed doors and did very little learning. The other 95% were scared, unable to lift their heads and greet us in a morning. The community had little faith in their local schools. Staff morale was at rock bottom. We closed the school and became the leaders of a brand new school with golden rules, golden time, quality circle time and a whole host of listening systems. Five years later, thanks to a holistic and systemic change process that Jenny has worked with us to acheive, our children feel safe, they are learning and we all know the golden rules. It is the moral code by which we all live at Watercliffe Meadow - children and all adults alike. Consistency, commitment and care are the three C's that have helped us to ensure that Jenny's model works. It does work, visit us and you will see our Golden School where the impact of Jenny's model on everyone's self esteem has created a happy, vibrant learning community.

Linda Kingdon and Ian Read, Headteachers at Watercliffe Meadow

Testimonial from Linda Kingdon and Ian Read

At Watercliffe Meadow we use Jenny Mosley's Golden Model as a whole school approach and have done since we opened 9 years ago. Our school is in an area of significant deprivation and in that time we have witnessed a worrying rise in the level of mental health needs both in our children and our families. Never has there been a greater need for schools to have a robust approach to emotional well-being as there is today. Central to our ethos is a nurturing approach. As part of this approach there are numerous ways that children can safely tell us how they feel. Every day we collect 'feelings scores' from children in our classes and children all know that they can ask for 1:1 'bubble time'. The cornerstone of our practice to support emotional well-being is weekly Quality Circle Time. It is a non-negotiable that children are entitled to their weekly class session of QCT so that they can explore and share feelings, solve problems and deal with class and individual issues in a safe, supportive and structured environment. Not all children like to talk in this kind of session but all know that they have a voice and are given the opportunity to use it on a weekly basis. QCT is an important part of what makes our school a calm and happy place for learning, it is a haven in what for many of today's children is a life full of stress and anxiety.

Ian Read, Headteacher Watercliffe Meadow Community Primary School, Sheffield (2017)

Testimonial from Ian Read on Wellbeing 2017

"I have been a head teacher for over 16 years and have always used Jenny Mosley’s Whole School Quality Circle Time Model (WSQCTM) in every school I have worked in. I have been through 5 OfSTED during that time and have been consistently graded outstanding for Personal Social and Healthy Education PSHE or Personal Development education (PDE) and Spiritual Moral Social and cultural – an important OFSTED section (SMSC). The WSQCTM is excellent. The whole model works and is easy to implement.The golden rules are a moral guidance for all children; it teaches them morality in simple terms. I will always run this model in any school because it works on so many levels."

Trudie Cawthra – Headteacher
Brockenhurst C of E Primary School 2015

I just wanted to send an e-mail saying how fantastic my staff found your course last night. All of them said how motivated they felt and they left buzzing rather than worn out which happens during other courses they have attended. Thanks again

Amanda Park – Nursery manager
Here We Grow (The College Merthyr Tydfil) 2015

"I would be most grateful if you could pass on our sincere thanks and appreciation to Jenny for all her hard work when she visited us here at Stopsley. Everyone was inspired by her work and we are in a wonderfully strong position for moving forward thanks to her."

Jackie Chidwick – Headteacher
Stopsley Community Primary School 2016

What Deputy and Assistant Headteachers, Teachers and Pupil Support Workers say:

“It has been an absolute privilege to host Jenny Mosely here at Mereside C of E Primary Academy. Jenny has single handed done more for the mental well-being of the children (and teachers!) of this country in the past 20 years than any other organisation. Her viewpoint that behaviour is a form of communication and that we need to learn how to listen and respond with love, understanding and fun is absolutely spot on. A hugely inspirational and incredibly important day for the pupils of our school, reaffirming what an honour it is to work with young children. One day we will only be a memory... so let's leave a good one, Jenny you have certainly done that.” Jason Gathercole, Deputy Headteacher, Mereside C of E Primary School

Wellbeing Training at Mereside Primary School

“Jenny was, as ever, a most inspiring speaker who led the morning with a lively pace and made sure that everyone had fun as well as getting across very important messages about building positive relationships with our children at all times of the day. We were delighted to host the morning's training and are happy to host future training events for her if you need a venue in our area.”
Margaret Phillips, Deputy Headteacher, Oldbury Park Primary School, Worcester

Powerfully Positive Lunchtimes Open Workshop 2018

"Jenny's live demonstration was an absolute "masterclass" of how to engage very young children, fresh into the Year R class, through circle time. She had every single one of the 30 Year R children completely entranced by her energy, enthusiasm and warmth; skilfully using puppets, actions, modelling, highly effective questioning promoting active participation at their level for a staggering 45 minutes. This is undoubtedly THE way to deliver the Golden Rules to Early Years children! Staff watched, mesmerised and enthralled and left the room eager to implement the strategies to children in their classes. We feel most privileged to have observed Jenny deliver a truly outstanding session that had such a marked impact on not only the teachers but also the children in our school. Many thanks!"

Jane West – Deputy Headteacher
Orchard Infant School, Dibden Purlieu 2016

"We had a fantastic day. Please thank Jenny and tell her the feedback was moving, she is truly inspirational! The teachers are all talking about the day and we are setting up a working group to ensure we have continuity throughout the school. Playtimes are continually being improved but the staff moral and particular issues where defiantly highlighted. We will work on all issue, have fun and play lots! A huge thank you."

Louise Siriwetchaphan – Pupil Support Worker
Beechwood Primary School 2015

“The day was absolutely brilliant. Our staff all feel so lucky that they have been fortunate enough to learn more about circle time from the best! Jenny was inspirational and her workshops were exactly what we needed as a school. Our pupils NEED circle time socially and emotionally: They adored the workshops. Jenny's visit has also empowered staff to deliver this session with 100% passion and purpose."

Charlotte Place – Deputy Headteacher
Abbey Primary School, Mansfield” 2016

“We found you hugely inspirational and enjoyed watching you model the circle time sessions. The day has empowered the staff to start to teach circle time. As we discussed in the senior leader meeting with you, we will be monitoring how circle time is being delivered in the classes and hopefully enable some practitioners to model sessions for other staff. The support staff thoroughly enjoyed their session too."

Jehan Morbi – Assistant Headteacher
St Eugene De Mazenod London 2014

What secondary teachers say:

"As a pastoral head, I am always looking for ways in which to improve Student Voice and also for opportunities to improve social cohesion within a form or a Year group. The QCT that I have seen Jenny do in both primary and secondary settings has convinced me that it is a really useful tool. The training that I received has made me feel confident in leading Circle Time and I have been able to discuss issues with classes such as transition from Year 6 to 7 and also to collect their views on how the school is run. I feel that Quality Circle Time enables pupils to express their feelings in a safe and structured environment and it gives the teacher the opportunity to see the pupils thinking and communicating in a different way and vice versa. As Learning Manager for Year 7, I have made the decision to incorporate Circle Time in the pastoral curriculum and will be using it regularly in the future."

Nic Curran – Learning Manager and Pastoral Head
Fallibroome Academy 2013

“The purpose of education is to prepare young people to become active citizens in a complex world. They will need a combination of qualifications and skills but the pressure on school leaders to focus on the former, at the expense of the later, is immense. This would be a serious mistake. Qualifications matter but emotional intelligence and empathy will be more significant factors in defining a successful life when formal education is completed. This belief led us to explore Quality Circle Time with our Primary Partners. Our aim was twofold: to smooth the transition from Primary to Secondary school and to create an effective vehicle for student voice to influence school policy. The skilful training enabled us to achieve both aims. The Teachers’ and Students’ reflections confirm the power of the model. The success of the pilot will lead to a policy that will embed the opportunity for all students to develop the emotional resilience required to secure future success.”

P W Rubery – Pincipal
Fallibroome Academy 2013

What international schools say:

“….. we all felt that Jenny Mosley gave us good building blocks to support us in dealing with behaviour, mindfulness, morale of staff, listening systems and learning skills and the golden rules. Great workshop!”

When asked at a job interview a number of years ago, “What one INSET has influenced you most as a teacher?” for me, it was a gift question. I attended my first training session on Circle Time run by Jenny Mosley in 1987. As a young teacher, it shaped my outlook on working with children and adults, which has remained with me ever since. I have worked in a range of Primary and Middle schools in the state and private sector both in the UK and overseas in British International Schools; 25 years of my teaching career have been in senior management roles. I have seen Jenny’s Circle Time model work successfully for numerous cohorts of children in the very different types of schools in which I have taught. Whilst the model has evolved and been refined over time, the underlying message remains the same: the importance of active listening, respect for self and others, and the importance of modelling expected behaviours.
In these troubling and difficult times, I cannot think of a more important aim for schools than to help children grow up to take their place in society as happy, balanced, respectful, confident, caring citizens. Circle Time is a tried and tested model that will help create a happier school environment to make that dream come true.
Philip Dixon Year 5 Teachers, Dallington School, Madrid
Assistant Principal, Primary Section Bangkok Patana School
Head of Assessment, Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur

Philip Dixon International Testimonial for Jenny Mosley’s Circle Time

“Jenny was a much needed breath of fresh air and delivered our training with passion and boundless energy. Her ability to gauge very quickly our school's needs and adapt her sessions is an indication of her enormous experience in the field. She was honest throughout and was able to deliver some tough messages through kindness, attentiveness and empathy. We are so thrilled to now start implementing the great work Jenny did with us and are excited to continue this relationship with her!” Matthew Connell, Primary Principal, Kuwait Bilingual School 2018

Kuwait Wellbeing Training 2018

Thank you @JennyMosleyQCT for inspiring @BST_Tokyo with your insight into powerfully positive playtimes - we are really excited to bring lots of fresh and engaging games on to our playgrounds! Richard Taylor, Assistant Head of Primary Learning and Teaching, British School in Tokyo 2018

Tokyo 2018 a

“Thank you very much. I believe Jenny's time with us has started a positive growth in our health & wellbeing programme; as well as, establishing a more positive ethos in the school.” Tim Stearns (New International School, Tokyo)

Tokyo 2018 b

Jenny Mosley shared her boundless enthusiasm and inspirational spirit with Chilean educators between the 6th and 12th of April this year as we reflected on the positive contribution Circle Time makes towards children’s well-being. Jenny led a wonderfully active session at the Leaders’ Seminar and then two lively conference sessions in the university lecture theatre packed with appreciative and enthralled teachers. Conference was an exploration of school life and of ways to encourage and engage children and adults in their personal growth.
The Train the Trainers professional development workshop over the week following the seminar and conference was undoubtedly the very best experience for everyone fortunate to be enrolled.
Jenny’s perceptive professional presence gave everyone a heightened sense of commitment towards what they came to understand was possible through carefully crafted Circle Time. Jenny in action over the days of the Train the Trainers workshop made a very real difference to the professional growth of all - they all agreed that they had been uplifted and had their eyes opened to new ways of seeing.
Freddie Russell-King, Chair, Education Committee, Association of British Schools in Chile.

Chile Conferences and Train the Trainers 2018

"I thank you for your amazing presentation of such a life-changing philosophy and positive programme that sustains respectful and systematic life in schools. Long may your bubbly enthusiasm spread the message that educators need to adopt and adapt into their own ecological environments for the wellbeing and growth of all there. I was so fortunate to be part of this group of like-minded people all enjoying the learnings and revisiting that you have so generously imparted to us."

Julie Fox – Cluster Manager
Nga Hau e Wha Papakura/Pukekohe Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour

"People matter most. If that is so, then how is this reflected in the way we value and give time to nurture dreams, share problems and celebrate successes? As a Headteacher of three very different schools in my career so far, I have found that ‘Quality Circle Time’ as an approach, builds within a learning community an effective framework for the development of these essential social and emotional skills. ‘Golden Time’ for me fosters a unique and tailored reward system that identifies good learner behaviours and celebrates the individual success of all achievers, whilst quietly challenging those who are yet to catch on. As a Headteacher I have found these systems to be of fundamental value in developing the staff and children in my care. If people really do matter, then curriculum time spent effectively in this way, reaps rewards above and beyond the classroom itself and long into the future."

Mr. Richard Vaughan – Headteacher
An Phu Primary Campus, British International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"Just to say that Jenny has delivered in Nelson most successfully over our 4 days!! As she was when I first met Jenny - dynamic, beautiful and her vision and presentation style are second none in the world!! We have had thank yous from participants overnight and this morning. This tells everything as so often little comes back. Jenny has certainly spread her very special 'Jenny star-dust' across this region. Just wanted to say thanks. What an extraordinary lady!!!"

Lyn Evans – Cluster Manager
Nelson Bays RTLB, New Zealand

What a special school says:

"We are a 4-16 years BESD provision in Northamptonshire. Our journey began in March 2006 when the secondary provision was in special measures. It was a period of instability with frequent changes of Head teacher and staff well-being was not part of the daily vocabulary! Our challenge was to implement the whole school Quality Circle Time model and to raise awareness of and improve staff emotional health and well-being. The vision was shared with the governors and the senior leadership team and through whole staff training. Practical changes to the school day were implemented quickly by changes in the timetable and introducing Circle Time, Golden Rules, Golden Time and Zoning the Playground to encourage positive play activities. Golden rules were reflected in colourful displays and as computer screensavers! By June 2006 we were out of special measure and pupils were feeling safer, behaviour for learning was improving, there was an emphasis on a clear, shared and valued behaviour policy with a system of incentives and sanctions in place. By September 2007 Maplefields became a lead special school in Northamptonshire for primary and secondary SEAL. In December 2009 Maplefields gained “outstanding” from OFSTED and the pupils, parents and staff celebrated their success. Becoming an ‘Outstanding Special School’ is extremely rewarding and gaining the QCT ‘Gold Award’ from Jenny Mosley is something I particularly cherish A ‘Golden Moment’ for us all!"

Karin Marshall – Assistant Headteacher
Standards and Achievement, Maplefields School 2011

What Midday Supervisory Assistants and Teaching Assistants say:

“I attended a circle time course of Jenny's in April and had a brilliant day. I learnt so much and was inspired to put some ideas into practice the following day whilst covering the class where I am TA. What a lovely day we had, by the end of the day we were ALL calm, happy and positive. Thank you Jenny for your inspiration and positivity. Long may it continue.”

Carrie Sawyer, Teaching Assistant, St George’s Bickley CE Primary School, Bromley, Kent

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say that we have been running your Golden ticket / table idea for the last two weeks, following on from the training you gave in Peterborough a few weeks ago. It has made a huge difference to the noise levels in the dinner hall and the children are loving trying to win a ticket, by being the first to notice me with my hand up for quiet, helping to tidy away and playing new games with different groups of children. Many Thanks for the fantastic course."

Claire Belson – Senior Midday Supervisor
Northborough Primary School 2016

"I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for such a wonderful day at Crosfield School. It was truly inspiring both me both professionally and personally. You have put life in perspective and I hope to bring the children at my school a piece of your guidance through me. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have met you and I hope our paths cross again. Many many thanks."

Mrs Simone Hutchinson – Teaching Assistant and Lunchtimes Manager
Oaklands Infant School, Crowthorne 2015