Where to start!? Maybe with the spectacular hair do and powerful shoulder pads. My good friend Eileen and I were both teaching on a Master’s degree at Bristol University – she full time – whilst I  was part time, also working in a Special Needs Unit and freelancing Circle Time in schools.

Women students from all over the world were attracted to Bristol University… they brought with them many different cultures, life experiences, hidden strengths and individual challenges. It was exciting and sometimes disturbing.

I don’t remember the actual conversation that took Eileen and I down the route of worrying why it was that many women at that time, despite their obvious skills and capabilities, had a fairly narrow view of what they were capable of. Many being attracted to the caring professions – not knowing or realising that there were many other paths that they could explore as well.

Being members of the BPS (British Psychological Society), we decided that many of the psychometric tests available (normally through company/industry contexts), offered evidence to women of their hitherto hidden abilities, personality leanings and possible attitude.  Career Development Counsellors was conceived. And my goodness it shot off very quickly.

A local newspaper published the article you can see which was then picked up by New Woman magazine (as big as ‘Cosmo’  at the time I will have you know!). We became the magazines’ monthly  resident career counsellors (6 children between us) and wrote ‘She Who Dares Wins’ as well (published by Harper Collins).  We were off into a world of possibilities and potentials.

Interestingly my own career path became heart-driven, rather than rational. My heart was in releasing the potential of all children and adults through weekly Quality Circle Times.

After a few years we gave up this brave little company and went different ways. Our friendship has always remained strong and true – women are good at openness, loyalty and tenacity – and our friendships ensure we live emotionally richer lives.

Women all over the world need each other. They are holding together families, communities whilst fighting injustice and horrendous brutality.

I have had the blessings of living in peacetime in a democracy. I have not been tested in any of the ways billions of women have. I bow my head to their courage, consistency of vision and strength of character. My path has been so blessed with kindness and opportunities. I humbly acknowledge the vast suffering and power of women everywhere. We need to a actively reach and pull everyone into one big Circle of Compassion….




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