The culture of change, change within families, communities, schools, nations remains with us. Many of us lead such busy lives that more rarely do we have time to sit quietly and listen to our children without being distracted. Children need more time to be encouraged to explore their relationships in a calm and centred way.
Many children benefit from sitting calmly in an ’emotionally safe place’ with people whom they know. Circle Time activities provide opportunities to learn how to listen, respect other people and express how they feel.

Quality Circle Time (QCT) is Jenny Mosley’s particular brand of Circle Time. Quality Circle Time is a tried and tested Circle Time model, underpinned by theory and backed up by practice in literally thousands of schools by thousands of teachers.

Quality Circle Time can also provide adults with listening circles too, at all levels in the school. Adults in school are frequently under pressure. Just as children sit in a circle with the teacher, so the teacher may sit in the circle with other teachers, support assistants, midday supervisors and all support staff contributing to the ethos and running of the school.

Circle Time activities help children and adults to learn to relate to each other in truthful and enjoyable ways, while providing a much-needed listening system.