Jenny Mosley

About Jenny Mosley

Jenny Mosley has, over the past 35 years, developed a highly successful school, classroom, playground and Early Years settings management model based on a background of teaching experience, research and collaboration between her consultancy, local authorities and schools.

Jenny Mosley’s model of management encourages a whole school approach to enhancing self-esteem, supporting emotional health and wellbeing and building positive relationships in your educational community.

Jenny’s Background

Jenny received her Masters in Education from Bristol University in 1987 and was invited back as a visiting lecturer for 14 years where she presented modules on self-esteem and circle time, creative arts in therapy and group counselling. For 12 years she was also a visiting lecturer for SENJIT (Department of Special Education Needs and Joint Initiative Training). Previously she held teaching posts in New Maldon, London and Bath.

Jenny wrote the circle time guidance for the (then) UK Government’s Primary and Secondary National Strategy’s Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) Curriculum.  She has also written the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) circle time guidance for SEAD (Social & Emotional Aspects of Development) and the guidance for happier playtimes and lunchtimes for the primary national strategy.


Due to Jenny’s 43 years’ experience in education, including mainstream, early years, special needs and higher education, Jenny has been invited to develop and present courses, training programmes and workshops throughout the UK and in many other countries including New Zealand, Australia, India, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, several European countries and more. She is a regular contributor to national and international educational conferences. Ongoing international work includes several train the trainers programmes in New Zealand, and also in India, including supporting the Teacher Foundation for the last 14 years which now has university research into it’s efficacy.


Jenny has written and co-authored many papers in educational journals, professional magazines and newspapers as well as authoring over 32 books.

Jenny’s publications are for heads, teachers, assistants and other professionals in schools and early years settings, and, in the main are aimed at supporting and improving assemblies, circle times, positive behaviour strategies, dining halls and playgrounds. To get a better idea of the breadth of Jenny’s work, please click here to see the books in our webshop.

Research and Acclaim

Jenny’s pioneering work in schools and playgrounds has been featured in ‘Just One Chance’, a BBC documentary, and in various Open University projects.


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Talking Heads

The Talking Heads hotseat formed a key part of the National College for School Leadership. As a privilege, Jenny was invited by the National College for School Leadership (NCSL) to be a special guest in four hotseats on different occasions, answering questions from Headteachers and leaders in education.

  • Talking Heads –  Jenny was the ‘Special Guest’, answering questions about ‘releasing excellence’. March 2002
  • Talking Heads – Jenny in the anti-bullying hotseat. June 2003.
  • Taking Heads Scotland – Jenny in the hotseat answering questions on “Releasing excellence”. October 2003.
  • Talking Heads – Jenny in the hotseat providing consultation on “Combating bullying through pro-active listening”. February to March 2004

Watch Jenny on Video

Click below to see some great clips of Jenny’s training days and information clips.

Video clip of Jenny Mosley at a Findhorn Presentation

Video clip of Jenny Mosley at Findhorn – the Seal story

Video clip of Jenny Mosley – Free Range Children

Video clip of Jenny Mosley training day – the yoga story

Jenny’s Training 

A major part of Jenny’s training consists of open conference training days. There are currently three titles to choose from and courses are arranged throughout the year, throughought the country, mostly at host schools who welcome other teachers in to train with them. These are the three courses titles:

  • Promoting Better Behaviour for Learning and Respectful Relationships
  • Powerfully Positive Lunchtimes and Playtimes and Calm Dining Halls
  • Vibrant Circle Times for Early Years

Jenny’s Training

In addition to this, INSET training includes a comprehensive suite of creative and innovative courses, designed for today’s learning environments, including courses for boosting your energy, raising self-esteem, relaxation, successful transitions, parents, peer mediation, lunchtimes and playtimes and many, many more. Jenny’s Working In School Days (WISD) are fairly unique as Jenny comes into your school or setting on a normal working day (no need to hire supply teachers or use up an INSET day) and works with different classes, eats in the dining hall and plays in the playground. Jenny Mosley develops a clear picture of the systems that are working in your school or setting and areas where focus is needed. She works with staff, holds meetings and feedback sessions. She can come in for an INSET day following this and spend time going through the systems that need working on. In this way, she can work with the whole school to bring your systems up to date and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Read about Jenny’s Early Years Training here.