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  • 22 January 2015

    Thank you Gloucester! A great 2-day conference (20 and 21 January 2015)


    It was great to  return to Gloucestershire this week to hold one of our Open Conferences. The conference was supported through help with organisation and marketing by members of the Advisory Teaching Service in Gloucester. Both days were very well-attended with an enthusiastic group of delegates!

    On Tuesday 20th Jenny started with a day on Better Behaviour for Learning, focusing upon key aspects of the Golden Model, improving social skills and helping everyone to work together as a team. Jenny worked with a circle of children with delegates observing. As ever, they were searingly honest. When debating with each other the pros and cons of their current consequence system, one boy said ‘well it can’t be working ‘cos I have to do it every day!!

    Day two, Wednesday 21st, was for anyone involved in lunchtimes and playtimes. Jenny discussed aspects of the Dining Hall and playground, inspiring people to get more involved in organising activities and making lunchtimes calmer but also m … read on

  • 20 January 2015

    Jenny’s third training trip to beautiful Brazil in March 2015

    Jenny was thrilled to be invited back to Brazil again this year for a third training trip to visit St Paul’s School in Sao Paulo. With an exciting week planned, Jenny will be working with staff from the pre-preparatory, preparatory and senior schools.

    Having already worked with Jenny on two occasions, St Pauls has already fully taken on board the Golden Model, working  on different areas in the school. Do see their website HERE for a lovely display of their Golden Rules and Circle Time guidance.

    Head of Pre-Prep, Anne D’Heuresel Baldisseri has written articles for the TES including this one on playground zoning in 2014 - CLICK HERE TO SEE

    We look forward to hearing how the training trip goes in March and hopefully to seeing some more training photos and some more fruity ones?!

    DSCN9816 - Crop








    These were Jenny's parting comments on departure from Brazil after her last training trip:

    "So good luck to St Paul’s school. We are on a journey – with kindness and gentleness and regu … read on

  • 06 January 2015

    Happy New Year 2015!

    Well, what a way to start my New Year… finding this on my daughter’s facebook late last night! I never had time but I sat up fast with indignation when I saw what she had put on!!! Then I couldn’t help laughing. The photo really does look like the ‘me’ I feel at the moment. A frazzled, downturned mouth…..a ‘seen better days’ type of person!!!

    I start off the Christmas period full of determination to be the calmest and kindest grandmother ever. BUT ISN’T CHRISTMAS EXHAUSTING.  Here is a quick look into my kitchen where I did lunch for the immediate family. I just have an ordinary semi and I had to put 3 tables together just to sit everyone down. So now you have seen the after and before photo!!!

    photo 2 CROP

    Don't worry schools – I promise to have a glut of golden moments, a few brisk walks and slap on the old makeup and stand in front of you for the whole of 2015 with an upturned mouth and a happy smile.

    Jenny Mosley Family Christmas 2014 CROP
    Website Editor's Notes
    1. Jenny Mo … read on
  • 16 October 2014

    Hot off the press! Our new High Five posters range to show children what good behaviour looks like

    As an essential companion to the Golden Rules range, Jenny Mosley’s new High Five posters will really help children understand HOW to be: a great circle timer, a good friend, a great listener, calm in the corridor, play well and how to have good manners in the dining hall.

  • Honing the Playground Zoning in Brazil - Divide and Rule by Anne D'Heuresel Baldisseri TES Article Sept 2014

    20 September 2014

    Honing the Playground Zoning in Brazil - Divide and Rule by Anne D'Heuresel Baldisseri TES Article Sept 2014

    Playground zoning has never been so effective - read how a creative school in Brazil, where Jenny Mosley has been training in her model, uses playground zoning amongst other strategies to get the very best out of playtimes.

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  • 10 September 2014

    Working with the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA), speaking at their conference - PLUS FREE handouts link here!



    I have long been a great admirer the National Day Nurseries Association and so working with them over the last year or so on the Golden Rules for toddlers box sets has been a very positive experience. We are thrilled with these brightly-coloured board books. The box set provides parents, nurseries and Children’s Centres a much-need way of introducing and reinforcing a set of boundaries that can then stay with children throughout their school years. It can also provide much sought-after continuity as a child progresses through the educational systems.

    There are some FREE HANDOUTS accompanying this box set - see links at the bottom of this article - one for practitioners and one for parents.

    The Essential Nursery Conference – NDNA 2014

    So I was also delighted to be asked to attend and present at the NDNA Essential Nursery Conference 2014. With such well-known presenters as Charlie Taylor, Alice Sylva, Nic Hudson, Abie Longstaff, Kathy Syhra and Alice Sharp I knew I … read on

  • India Training Visit 2014 - and an Indian Golden School to Remember

    28 August 2014

    India Training Visit 2014 - and an Indian Golden School to Remember

    Wow – well, I’ve just got back from my India work trip – which was, as ever amazing, thrilling, challenging and wonderful.  Because I have been working in India over the last 14 years I have already written quite a few blogs on India.

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  • 23 July 2014

    Jenny and QCT in India - only a few words but lots of glorious photos!! July 2014


    Do enjoy these lovely photos - many thanks to Maya Menon and the teachers involved for looking after Jenny so well!

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  • When Tyrone the puppet joined Class 1S – PLUS FREE Puppet Book offer!

    22 July 2014

    When Tyrone the puppet joined Class 1S – PLUS FREE Puppet Book offer!

    I am privileged enough to encounter very many inspiring teachers through my work in schools and at


    educational conferences. I was therefore delighted to meet a young teacher, Katie O'Sulivan, who not only reinforces the Golden Rules through such delightful ways as having Golden Rules mascots on each class table, but also had a very interesting member in her class. Katie explains it so much better than I could below. Please see Editor’s Notes at the end to see terms and conditions of Free 'Puppets At Large' book for every member of our 'Get Along Gang' purchased.

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  • 25 June 2014

    Behaving Badly

    Meg relaxing

    Sometimes you just need to be naughty.  Being kind and well behaved all the time takes up energy and it’s really good to unwind being a bit silly.  So I couldn’t resist pinching my daughter Meg’s blog and putting it on mine – cos she made me laugh – and I thought therefore I would share it with you all.  She is describing an occasion when I linked up eventually with Meg and behaved very badly.

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  • 23 June 2014

    Universal Values, British Schools and The Magna Carta!!!

    Magna Carta 1

    My Golden Rules which are in some form or other in the majority of UK primary schools are a simple distillation of complex universal moral values. I pulled them together after working in the early 80s/90s with thousands of children and adults around what rules they wanted in their schools. 

    When studying all their “don’ts and do’s” that I realised they all fell naturally into six areas so children of all ages can access them.

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    My Golden Rules ...

  • 16 June 2014

    Keep Calm and Carry On ..... Relaxation and Calmness



    "Calm down”.  Wow, how I used to hate being told this when I was younger.  I was naturally excitable and “over the top” (another implied and applied criticism.)  Never were there any actual tips on how I could ‘calm down’. In education at that time we’d never heard of PHSE, Circle-Time or Mindfulness … so unless you found yourself in a 60’s flower-power hippy home you’d never heard of meditation or even ‘breathing’.

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  • 28 May 2014

    We're starting a Golden Time revolution!

    Isn’t Golden Time Wonderful – If it’s done well!!!

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  • 19 May 2014

    Very Cute Golden Time with Westbrook's Westie!

    photo 2 GT poster with Westie

    Ooooooh - I do love teachers' creativity! You all know my Golden Time.....originally I suggested a large sun with pegs on with all the children's faces on the pegs. If they break a golden rule the peg gets put on a sun with a cloud going over his face. If the child stops doing the inappropriate behaviour - the teacher says "good choice" and puts the peg back on the happy sun.

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  • Play is for Everyone

    14 May 2014

    Play is for Everyone

    Jenny dressed for Easter

    Here’s a picture of me a couple of Saturdays ago – all dressed up in a hotchpotch of clothes (Indian skirt, Frida Kahloish tops, yellow converse) … and to top it all my fabulous felt roses crown made by my young friend Laura (she’s amazing – see details below!)

  • How QCT helped with a school's OFSTED inspection

    26 April 2014

    How QCT helped with a school's OFSTED inspection

    In my last blog I told you about a lovely school, Brockenhurst Primary School, led by Trudie Cawthra, who recently received an OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ for PSHE and SMSC. The Quality Circle Time model is fully embedded in this school and Trudie reports that OFSTED noticed many qualities within the children that the model works on.  As OFSTED seems to be placing greater emphasis on SMSC and behaviour, we were all delighted to read the following comments following their 2014 inspection:

  • What did OFSTED say about Quality Circle Time and Golden Time?

    25 April 2014

    What did OFSTED say about Quality Circle Time and Golden Time?

    Over the last few years we have had many positive comments from Headteachers extolling the virtues of using the Quality Circle Time model and how this has positively affected their OFSTED inspections and reports. Most recently we received this report below from one of ‘our’ Golden headteachers, Trudie Cawthra of Brockenhurst C of E Primary School who very recently gained ‘Outstanding’ for PSHE and SMSC:

  • Circle Time training in Vietnam - an insight into a beautiful country

    11 March 2014

    Circle Time training in Vietnam - an insight into a beautiful country

    I was so excited! I have worked before in schools in Malaysia and Thailand but to be asked to travel to Vietnam to work with four schools felt extra special.  If I am really honest, it seemed extra attractive, exotic and mysterious because I was a 60s child brought up on the usual clutch of Vietnam movies – The Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, Good Morning Vietnam, and the like, so my imagination was still stuck in the brutal beating up of a country ravaged by war. In my mind, wilfully or just lazily, time stood still and I had failed to enquire further, but suddenly I was poised on a Vietnam adventure. 

  • Lovely new catalogue and end of year underspend

    20 February 2014

    Lovely new catalogue and end of year underspend

    Hi Everyone - we, at Positive Press, have all been beavering away (see our new hardworking beaver!!!) to produce lots of new resources to save you time and to give you loads of ideas for practical things to help life in classrooms and playgrounds be kinder, calmer and more focussed – and therefore more productive.

  • Positive Parents in Schools Making a Difference - Paving the Way for Very Powerful Parent Workshops

    24 January 2014

    Positive Parents in Schools Making a Difference - Paving the Way for Very Powerful Parent Workshops

    Site photo 54

     When working on positive behaviour with teachers, we can become very focused upon children’s expectations and behaviour just at school. It was a pleasure for Jenny, while working with the very dedicated staff from Beckford Primary School recently, to be invited to also hold a parent workshop. Jenny first demonstrated circle time with children for the parents to observe. In the following session with the 44 adults who attended, Jenny explained about circle time and why suggestion boxes are used so that children can lead the agenda. Amongst many other initiatives and tips, she also spoke about the importance of celebrating the positive things that happen rather than focusing on the negative. The parents were very keen to ask questions and talk afterwards and the following are just a few of the comments they wrote:

    • Thank you for inspiring the children. Life is so much more than learning your ABC and numbers.
    • Really inspirational and thought provoking – will be using … read on