Jenny’s Return Trip to New Zealand 2024 – And The Wonderful Golden Cosgrove School

Jenny’s trip to New Zealand for schools training began with a heart-warming trip to Cosgrove School in Papakura, Auckland. Having trained there eight years ago, Jenny was so encouraged to see lovely adaptations of the strategies and initiatives on walls in the school including in the staff room. Here are just a few of the posters that greeted Jenny including Jar of Good Choices, Bubble Time, a Cosgrove Circle Time Agreement, the Cosgrove Way Golden Rules and Tell a Good Tale. There is also the Good Morning greeting which is just lovely too!

The school is fully multi-cultural and follows the National Curriculum objectives as set out by the Ministry of Education for New Zealand. The school follows the National Curriculum objectives as set out by the Ministry of Education and also has rich cultural interests including:  Kapa Haka: Samoan, Indian and Tongan to name but a few.

Jenny is looking forward to working with lots of staff on Friday 10th May when she presents a day entitled: Personal Wellbeing and Circle Time Impact.  The following week is will see the start of the Train the Trainers course so we look forward to further news about this.

Jenny is thrilled to have been invited back to shine up the model and is hoping that in the future she will be able to give the school her Gold Award!

A big thank you to Principal Gus Klein, Deputy Principal Claire Goslin and SENCO Motu Asomua and all staff involved for inviting Jenny to the school and for all their support in preparing for these events.


Website Editor’s Notes

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