The Amazing Halling Primary School – Zoning and Craze of the Week-ing Beautifully

Jenny loves going into different schools every week and training many staff including Teachers, Midday Supervisors, Senior Leadership Team, Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers. It is easy to lose tough with schools after a training day, however, and to find out how everything is going.

Except for a few wonderfully socially active schools who use Twitter or other social media. It is always lovely to see Halling Primary School tweets coming through.
Jenny has really loved going to Kent to work with Halling Primary School and the Aletheia Academic Trust. It is fantastic how Halling Primary School document their work and initiatives. There is always something bright and interesting to see. Something socially aware and educationally and developmentally brilliant.
The school Vision is: A thirst for ‘Learning for Life’ through the best possible learning opportunities.
The school values are: Compassion, Integrity, Thankfulness, Respect and Resilience
So we have borrowed just a few Halling Primary School photos that illustrate some parts of the Golden Model in such a clear, exciting and real way. Here are some of the tweets and gorgeous photos.

“So, we are going to relaunch another playground zone next week but we need your help in filling the red bucket with items

for the ‘Make Believe Zone’. If you’re having a sort out we’d be happy to take your donations! Please retweet! Thank you! @JennyMosleyQCT”

“We love our Friday Celebration Assemblies. What have you done today to make you feel proud?” 






“Watch this space..! Two of our Year 4 children have just filmed Halling’s Craze of the Week for when we return after the half term break! We will launch this the first day back.”






SO a huge Thank You to Halling Primary School for showing us all your child-centred initiatives and all the wonderful work you are doing.