‘Dancing’ in Donegal

Wow, I have had such a boost of energy and warmth from my visit to Donegal. An enthusiastic Headteacher  from Clonmany

Jenny Mosley from Jenny Mosley Consultancies with Clonmany NS principal Wiliam Doherty

bounced into my life – loving Circle-Time and all it has to offer. He really wanted me to come to his school and do “everything to do with the Golden Model”….in a day. And we did!

He drove all the way to Belfast, had an early breakfast with me in the Premier Inn and whoosh, we were in his school in a flash.

Very importantly, Headteacher William had recently acted upon a conversation that we had had previously. In my ideal world – wherever I demonstrate a Circle-Time I love it when, not only are there lots of staff released to observe, but it is wonderful when parents are invited in too.

Some much learning goes on when people are not allowed to speak but are asked just to observe children responding to an experienced Circle-Time facilitator. The principles for firm but inspiring teaching and parenting are the same. Show deep respect and love by listening well, model great social skills and then comment positively as soon as you see the children follow the good example. Initially, I ignore any ‘bad’ behaviour and distract immediately.



So, this is what I have learnt works:

Pupils from Clonmany who took part in different fun tasks with Jenny Mosley
  • Inject fun into everything.
  • Be clear in your instructions and keep to your word.

I could expand more but this is just supposed to be a blog!

Anyway, parents and teachers loved it all.  They also all really ‘bloomed’ when they all had the chance to – children, parents and teachers together – playing some great traditional games.

There was such laughter and vibrancy by the end of the session we were all happily chatting and learning from each other.


Website Editor’s Note

A huge big thank you to everyone involved with Jenny’s trip to Donegal.

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Jenny Mosley from Jenny Mosley Consultancieswith Clonmany NS staff members
Clonmany NS pupils taking part in fun tasks
Parents, pupils and teaching staff enjoying the afternoon
Jenny Mosley Consultancies in action at Clonmany NS
Jenny Mosley from Jenny Mosley Consultancies with Tiernasligo staff members Principal Brigid McGonagle, Anna Marie Doherty, Patricia McGonagle and Megan Gallagher