After All These Years of Training – I Still Get Nervous!

Just standing here in an empty hall with 150 empty chairs in front of me. You would think I should be used to it by now but I still get nervous. So I can relate to children feeling nervous speaking out in class, and how practicing speaking in circles is a more gentle way to learn how to speak out. Some children, of course, do this naturally but for others – they will get nervous just like me!

Sweeping that nervousness aside, as we all learn to do at times, this is one of my very best sorts of training days. Four schools from an academy trust in Solihull – and ALL the staff have been invited, including Midday Supervisors, many of whom only work for two hours a day usually at the school, I am thrilled that they are coming for the whole day! How can we achieve a whole school vision which includes everyone, if important staff members are not invited in. I think it’a a great way for these schools to start the new year – and I look forward to hearing how they progress during this year ahead.

Thank you Solihull schools for inviting me in – we will have a great day!