Lovely Reading Book Giveaway (enough for the whole class!)

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Lovely Class Reading Book Giveaway – 35 copies to be won at once! 
For a chance to win 35 copies (enough for the class hopefully) of ‘The Turning Cloth’ by Ross Angus, illustrated by Mark Cripps, please like and share this post, putting a quick comment below. With 44 pages of illustrated text, this is a lovely book for the class to read together, or an end-of-term present for all the children. This is what the story is about: ‘One summer, Olaf finds himself with nothing to do and no-one to do it with. He is lonely and fed up and very, very bored. Then he meets two rather unusual giants and sets off on a quest to find a special kind of magic. He learns how to cast an amazing spell that fills the World of Giants with light and colour and excitement. Every one of us, giant or human, can share this magic and Olaf shows how.’ One ‘liker, sharer and commenter’ will be chosen at random after midday on 1.12.18 and they will be notified by Facebook messaging, do check back in to see who has won! #fridaygiveaway #readingforjoy #positivepress