The Butlins Experience – Wow – I am in love with Butlins!!!

Wow – I am in love with Butlins!!!

It is like it not only holds all the ideas that I believe in – but carries them out billions of times better than me.

Butlins is Kindness In Action!!!

How wonderful is it that people in Redcoats are on ‘Kindness Duty’ no request is too small. They are intent on making you smile. They hi-five, do little dances, tell jokes, and play games with the children.

Honestly, I want to know what it is that makes their training so special. Myself and UK midday supervisors need it!!

And its not just the Redcoats – ALL the Butlins staff are under the Magic Kindness Spell. Everyone smiles and engages… including all the waiters, cleaners, and activity leaders.

And don’t get me started on the entertainment. Myself and my 3 grandchildren were in Heaven. Where else could you find, all-in-one campus, highly polished puppet shows, musicals, tribute bands and famous comedy stand-ups… and our cup runneth over when my grandson won BINGO!!! We were so proud of his prize – a huge chilli pepper swimming float. We had to walk around casually with it for a whole day!!!

So, my lovelies I am looking up some more ideas based on The Butlins Experience – watch this space!! I am just sad I can’t put a little 1950s fair ground in every school. I tell you what – Butlins is a ‘school’ everyone has chosen to take their children to. There were 6k people there all for their children’s sake at half-term and I did not hear a cross word. Lots of ‘blended’ families, children with special educational needs, tired-been-cooped-up by COVID for too long families – and no one shouted at the children!!!

This is what I want for our playgrounds!!


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