The Best and Loveliest Training Feedback Ever!

Hello I’m Zara and I have been working with Jenny for many years now and its always a great pleasure to get positive feedback from people who go to Jenny’s training workshop days. It gives Jenny and myself energy to keep going – and reminds us that even though we are a bit tired and creaky at times – it is all so worthwhile!!!

On this point, at the end of last term we received one of the loveliest emails ever from Gill Smith, Northfield College GDST.  After attending a lunchtimes day with Jenny, Gill put lots of energy into writing it and has a super way with words. So, as I am the Website Manager, I cant resist putting it on in its entirety!!

“Hi.  Four of us went to Bromley yesterday to attend a course delivered by Jenny.

After a long journey and seeing emails about the possibility of the school closing due to lack of water, we didn’t arrive in the best of spirits. I vaguely remember whinging ‘it would be so unfair’ (being honest).

We arrived after a hurried walk from the station to be met by my old mucker Sharon from Bromley, we’ve been on many courses together over the years and have become ‘training buddies’. Once receiving a warm welcome from Sharon and visiting the much-needed bathroom, we considered ourselves as ready as we’ll ever be for what lay ahead.

We entered a swish drama studio with large, glazed windows offering a pleasing vista of well-maintained school grounds as well as a bounty of luscious greens and vast sporting facilities. An array of hot and cold drinks and biscuits caught my attention which aided my recovery. Then we met her.

Jenny, adorned in a pastel, fifties style dress accompanied with crimson DMs, sporting white, coiled locks, she instantly piqued my curiosity.

Jenny is by far the most incredible presenter I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Everything she said was exactly as it is. Every playground incident, every pupil wanting attention (mostly for the wrong reasons), our own mental wellbeing, managing emotions, social skills, self-awareness, motivation, empathy, facial leakage, she nailed them all!!

Above all, her delivery was such that she needs to be on stage at a comedy club. My eyes were leaking and my cheeks hurt, releasing endorphins which were also covered on this course.

She delivered the most simple and effective ideas, which we put into practice with a class of Year 3s. A lot of the ignore and distract techniques will be the way forward to stop a lot of our playground issues.

We came away wanting a school visit from Jenny, mainly because our playground isn’t currently equipped for the zone areas that were discussed and would be so worthwhile. Their aim is to stop playground incidents entering the classroom after break, a daily occurrence taking up too much teaching time.

There are so many fantastic ‘old school’ ideas that Jenny has, I will be visiting her website for more ideas.  Her experience and eye on the playground would be a really practical and positive way forward for us.  It would be so beneficial for all TAs to meet with her. If you could arrange this that would be fantastic, especially at the beginning of term so that we can all go forward with the same knowledge and ideas in place.

Many thanks.

Gill Smith, Northwood College GDST”


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