Happiness in Halling School

Well, I have just read about “Humblebrag” and, dammit, I can see myself in its sleazy embrace!! However, how can I not share this lovely text that came in from Lisa, Halling’s Headteacher?

“Hello Jenny – just wanted to share this with you and say thank you as our PD would not be outstanding without your ideas, initiatives and support! 💚”

Its such a lift when schools take time to tell me how things are going. I have worked with Lisa in a previous school and then we started fresh in Halling some years ago. I have a raft of PD ideas that can be extended or adapted to each schools unique needs – but only great leaders make sure these ideas embed and grow and become part of the school ethos.

For Halling, the Golden Rules were a much loved foundation – woven into every area of the school and into every conversation about how they behave towards each other. Children love their safety – and even make up clapping songs incorporating the Golden Rules (you can view a video of it at this link HERE.

I think what makes me happy is, that this school, despite all the mayhem in education at the moment puts FUN at the centre of school life. Before Lisa was at Halling, in her last school, they also really promoted Craze Of The Week. On Friday afternoons all the teachers stop and get themselves and their children involved with the next weeks current craze. These crazes are presented in assemblies… (which is where these girls are!!) and eventually shared with parents and grandparents.

Working with schools like Halling in Kent and Watercliffe Meadow in Sheffield (http://watercliffemeadow.com/ ) show us how the systems work.



Website Editor’s Notes

Zone Signs for Craze Of The Week:

Zoning is all the rage!

Having a sign to let children know which areas to go to can help make the most of playtimes.

You can see all the Zone Signs HERE.


Craze of the Week Ideas and Cards

The cards are a great way to inspire children to try different activities. They can help to take ownership by reading the cards and sharing the details of the craze with others. There are numerous crazes to choose from, including Jacks, Cat’s Cradle, French Skipping, Hula Hoop games, Playground Cricket, Human Rock, Scissors, Paper and many many more!

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