Does your school know how to create happier lunchtimes and playtimes?

Many teachers tell us that if a child does not have a happy playtime, this can affect several other aspects of their time in school. If a child comes in calm and ready to learn in the afternoon, how lovely. If a child comes in from play feeling cross, feeling left out and frustrated – this does not bode well for a productive afternoon of teamwork, fun, listening and learning.

Jenny Mosley trains midday supervisors to help make lunchtimes and playtimes more co-operative and productive. Team games, zoning, incentives and sanctions are all part of Jenny’s courses. Jenny can come to your school or cluster to work with everyone connected with playtimes or you can book a place or a few places on one of Jenny’s courses round the country. For a full list of Jenny’s bookable courses – please CLICK HERE.

Our webshop stocks loads of brilliant resources to help with lunchtimes and playtimes from friendship stops and outdoor rules posters to craze of the week and ball games cards to keep children amused and learning physical skills for hours! Browse our resources HERE or phone 01225 767157 for a catalogue.

For all training enquiries please email or phone 01225 767157.