Easter blog!

I love Easter but sadly I have no time to write this so I am ‘borrowing’ the next paragraph off my daughter’s facebook as she came to our Easter party and its got her particular slant on it – oh and I am putting some photos in below – and there will be a few more on my Facebook account!!

“Mum’s bonkers Easter party involved the mandatory bright colours, Indian saris and champers but chucked into the mixing pot was Easter meets 18th Century soiree lol so we had Victorian games played and everyone had to entertain with a small performance. I juggled some apples, Roger had a bash at playing his trumpet and guitar, Anne did Victorian parlour games, Ange and Keith a quiz, Sandra poetry, Gogs her ‘bread and jam’ recital and explicitly rude jokes! The party involved lots of champers – Gogs back on booze as lent over, chilli chocolates, large buffet by Mark, dancing, bizarre music, shots, tea and a lot of cake and much EGGcentric merriment! Loved it…so very Mum!” by Meg Mosley

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