Happy 2012!

Hi Everyone – very, very sorry I have been so quiet! I find the long build up to Christmas and Christmas itself gloriously wonderful ….and desperately exhausting! Partly it’s so tiring because even after all of these years, as some of you know already, I have a very rosy – tinted view of how Christmas should be, based on a childhood addiction to the Waltons. I have worked very hard on every type of formula for Christmas – but I have never met the ideal of calm simplicity, uncomplicated hearts and the deep peace I once observed in ‘them thar mountains’!! I thought I might crack it this year. My elderly warrior – Mum (90 this year) went to my sister and I was freeeeee!! Decided to travel with Meg, my daughter, to younger daughter Sally, who has been living on a tiny Channel Island for 8 years and, (have never done this before) ….stay in a hotel on the beach!! Salt air, sparkly waves and sunlight (yes, it was lovely weather) would weave their magic and tranquillity and calm would ensue. Well, it certainly wasn’t the Waltons, the girls managed to have a blazing row with slamming doors in the genteel decorous hotel. Nevertheless, spending time together, going though the usual ups and downs, restored the balance in each of us. In the end folks – I think the only thing we need for relationships is time, just slopping around, going with the moment, no timetable! Perhaps the biggest gift Christmas gives me, is the fact that our office closes – and I have a proper ‘bubble’ of time!

Anyway – restored by the sparkly mini break – I sprang into New Year, in team harness, happily to help produce our new 2012 catalogue. This year we have lots of new products – loads for lunchtime supervision to make playtimes happy and fun and give children good ‘hanging out’ time. We even have a desktop resource to remind you to have a Golden Moment every day. I will attach their images under this blog so you can see how lovely they are.

So, sorry angels, my life will always be about struggling to achieve the balance. Between trying to be spiritual and ruining a genuine blog with tacky marketing! Between wanting to be kind to Mum and wanting to float her out on an ice floe, between loving spending time with friends and needing to sit quietly on my own, to going out most days all guns blazing on a public stage and being very shy. Its all about achieving delicate balance, and what to do when you are near the tipping point.

So lets plod on with a spring in our step safe in the knowledge that we are lucky to have the luxury of these sort of dilemmas and that having someone to talk to is the biggest luxury of all.

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Goldn Moments Cards in CD case – perfect for your desk or shelf!

New Playground Games books (pack of 3) – ideal pocket-sized for inspiration in the playground!

New Midday Supervisors Booklets (pack of 3)

New Full colour Playground Games outdoor poster A2
(See online for more of these!)

More Crazes of the Week Cards – inspire your children and create productive playtimes!

More Ball Games Cards

For all these and many more exciting new resources, go to www.circle-time.co.uk/shop