Happy New Year 2015!

Well, what a way to start my New Year…..by finding this on my daughter’s facebook late last night! I never had time (usually asleep very early) but I sat up fast with indignation when I saw what she had put on!!! Then I couldn’t help laughing. The photo really does look like the ‘me’ I feel at the moment. A frazzled, downturned mouth…..a ‘seen better days’ type of person!!!

I start off the Christmas period full of determination to be the calmest and kindest grandmother ever. BUT ISN’T CHRISTMAS EXHAUSTING.  Here is a quick look into my kitchen where I did lunch for the immediate family. I just have an ordinary semi and I had to put 3 tables together just to sit everyone down. So now you have seen the after and before photo!!!

Don’t worry schools – I promise to have a glut of golden moments, a few brisk walks and slap on the old makeup and stand in front of you for the whole of 2015 with an upturned mouth and a happy smile.

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