Hey Ho, Hey Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go!!!

Life for freelance education consultants is bonkers – I have to maintain an office, a research strand, and a publishing company to back up, support and embed all the ideas buzzing around my head which I know will help schools. All my lovely staff (some who have been with me for 25 years or more!) have to be paid, on the dot every month – yet obviously UK schools are closed for weeks at a time!

It’s incredibly exciting and a real honour therefore that I can jet off to work in other countries during the Summer and Winter holidays. And I love the excitement of this! I take my Golden Model to different cultures, see lots of different schools, meet amazing staff with backgrounds very different to mine, and still the Golden Model works in their schools – because it is based on sound moral values which hold up in any social community. And I have met a lot of amazing new friends along the way!

So off I trot in the Summer and Winter, either weighed down with stuff to keep me warm (New Zealand or Japan), or stuff to keep me cool (India or Vietnam) and it all sounds so glam to many – and yes, it is an honour – but I have just watered my precious plants, hugged the youngest grandchildren and sometimes it just feels plain hard!!!


Website Managers Notes – and thinking about New Zealand where Jenny is heading …

Jenny is now in New Zealand having written this just before she left. In New Zealand, the Maoris too have a strong sense of family – or whanau – an extended family or community of related families who live together in the same area.

Jenny has been taking her educational model there for several years. Jenny’s 5 Wells for Wellbeing fit brilliantly alongside the Maori Haurora

Maori Hauora – Maori Philosophy for Health

Taha tinana – Physical well-being

Taha whanau – Social well-being

Taha wairua – Spiritual well-being

Taha hinengaro – Mental and emotional well-being

Taha whanau – Social well-being

We, at the office, know that Jenny will be well-received and looked after in New Zealand and that her Golden Model is a great fit for many initiatives including Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L). Have a brilliant time Jenny and I hope all her friends and delegates and the children that she meets have a great meet-up and sharing of positive ideas and best practice.