How QCT helped with a school’s OFSTED inspection

In my last blog I told you about a lovely school, Brockenhurst Primary School, led by Trudie Cawthra, who recently received an OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ for PSHE and SMSC. The Quality Circle Time model is fully embedded in this school and Trudie reports that OFSTED noticed many qualities within the children that the model works on.  As OFSTED seems to be placing greater emphasis on SMSC and behaviour, we were all delighted to read the following comments following their 2014 inspection:

  • “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted exceptionally well.”
  • “The behaviour and safety of pupils are outstanding.”
  • “Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding and this, together with their excellent attitudes, makes a significant contribution to their learning and prepares pupils exceptionally well…”
  • “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is embedded in every aspect of school life.”
  • Pupils have great pride in the school and work very hard.”
  • That behaviour management is not overt, either in lessons or around the school, is a testament to the respect that staff have for pupils and the excellent relationships pupils have with staff and each other. Pupils are uniformly polite, helpful and caring of one another.”
  • “The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. Bullying in any form is extremely rare and pupils have total confidence that bullying, or any concern regarding their safety that might arise, will be speedily and successfully dealt with.”

Trudie goes on to add her own comments:

“I believe Jenny’s work has hugely contributed towards and changed the way key teaching personnel within the teaching profession communicate with children in the following ways:-

  1. How we understand children’s emotions
  2. How we need to listen to children views
  3. How we speak to children
  4. How we show children respect
  5. How we praise children in a constructive way
  6. How we set and use boundaries for positive behaviour ; children have a moral code by which they work, know and understand
  7. How we give children a second chance and how we encourage children to ‘earn back’
  8. How all of the above in set within an easy moral framework for everyone to follow
  9. How her model is based on the principal of ‘reasonableness’ – on which our society’s laws are based and which judgements about them are made

10. How her model replicates the establishment of fair and reasonable behaviours, boundaries and sanctions. These reflect  the basis on which the laws of our British society are established.”

We were as thrilled as the staff at the school to read these comments which echoed of previous OFSTED inspections like this one from WestfieldInfant School.

“We took the opportunity of having Jenny back to work with us ……six months later …. we had moved from being a ‘Good school with outstanding features’ (2008) to being ‘An outstanding school’ (2011). The catchment area is very mixed and not without challenges. However the Ofsted report stated that ‘Pupils’ exemplary behaviour and highly positive attitudes towards learning promote their fast progress.’ The Inspection team recognised what a happy, positive place Westfield Infant School is and what a welcoming and purposeful environment the children enter each morning.’

Over the years Jenny has certainly inspired me in my leadership of the school and I have seen how she has raised self esteem within the staff and supported us to believe in finding the time for Circle Time, whatever other curriculum pressures there are. For me WSQCT is the link between raising self esteem, a calm positive, well ordered school environment and ultimately pupils achieving their full academic potential.”

Jill MacLauchlan, Headteacher, Westfield Infant School July 2011

OFSTED sets the bar high for all inspections so it’s a credit to schools to read reports like these.


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