The Intriguing Influence of Matriachs – and a Garden Photoshoot to Remember

I just caught sight of this blog from my daughter Meg and it reminded me of the photoshoot that she organised with her and myself in it. Maybe we are eccentric – and I didn’t know it!!

Meg found two old armchairs that had been chucked out and then she dragged them into our garden, dressed us all up in glorious textures and colours and next thing I knew we’re lying on the cold ground trying to look relaxed. I can see the photos are beautiful though – and the way Meg thinks always catches me by surprise so I am very happy to share these with you and I would love to know what you think.

Here’s what Meg wrote:

Meg Mosley Artist: “One image of my mum and I for my exhibition series on female identity. Identity is fluid but forms in familial bonds I am intrigued by the influence of powerful matriarchs such as Mothers and Grandmothers. These images are inspired by 1970s docu Grey Gardens about an eccentric Mother and Daughter. I chose the garden of my childhood home and we wore clothes & belongings of my grandmother. I also decorated the garden from my memories of the weird and wonderful parties my mum always had with her tribe of women friends! I’m a keen observer, I suppose I’m still working out where these women cultivated their power, warmth and charisma and what it feels like to have it and what it feels like to belong!”


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