Early Years Conference in Beautiful Llancaiach Fawr, Nelson, February 2017 – With Evaluation Comments At The End!

STOP PRESS! Please see conference evaluations – just in – towards the end of this blog!

Jenny was delighted to be invited to present on a Saturday to a fantastic group of dedicated Early Years practitioners in the beautiful Llancaiach Fawr, Nelson, Treharris. Llancaiach Fawr is a Manor House that hosts events and special ghost walks!

This is what Jenny had to say after the conference:

“Well in these days of financial cuts and budget misery in England it was wonderful to present on a Saturday to a conference of delegates who were being treated with great respect and luxury. It was an Early Years conference in the Taff Bargoed Valley in the south of Merthyr Tydfil County Borough in South Wales and there were at least sixty wonderful practitioners from day nurseries, playgroups, Flying Start, after school clubs and holiday clubs and childminders. The venue was utterly magnificent. It’s an extraordinarily interesting place and I just wished I could have stayed on for the evening and there was a wonderful ghost walk in the old house.

The title of my presentation was Vibrant Circle Times For Very Young Children and because young children respond so well to puppets all my puppet friends came to work with me. What was wonderful for the delegates was they were presented with the best party bag ever – each setting took home a big puppet and our very special book ‘Puppets At Large’. We all sang children’s songs, Pat-a-Cake, pat-a-caked ourselves silly, Wound The Bobbin Up with an extra verse of “Point To Your Forehead, Point To Your Chin, Point To Your Mouth and Pop it in then you whoop like mad with a finger whooshing between both sides of your mouth!!! Most importantly though we recognised that whilst there is a range of fabulous games, songs and puppets at our fingertips we will never reach out for them if we’re tired. Early Years practitioners need to put themselves first and make sure they have a personal care plan to create lots of energies so that they can be playful learners alongside the children. I love children but they are energy vampires and whilst they deserve every bit of energy we can give them we must replenish every day as otherwise we’re often too tired for our own children… or for the child who is the one who most needs us – but is often the one who most repels us.

Thank you to everyone who was there on Saturday – what a very special time we had.”











STOP PRESS!! We have just received the training course evaluations. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments – here are a few snippets!

Did the training meet your expectations and why?

  • It exceeded my expectations!  Jenny was an excellent trainer. Thank you very much!!
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the day more than more than expected
  • Yes and more! Everything is usable in my setting
  • Exceeded my expectations- kept me interested and lots of ideas to use
  • Very much and well prepared and exceeded to the limits!
  • Yes, exceeded my expectations. Well thought, well resourced… thank you
  • Yes gives me more of an understanding of engaging children in circle time

Has the training helped develop your knowledge, skills and understanding? Please explain…

  • Yes the training has given me excellent insight into staff wellbeing and how this contributes to children
  • Yes, it’s given me some good ideas on how to work with puppets and discuss issues
  • yes and has given me a new love for circle time and lots of ideas
  • yes, use more ideas on how to develop and engage with children
  • Yes, it has developed my understanding and knowledge of circle time, puppets, and golden rules to enable us to understand children
  • Great knowledge on keeping yourself well to keep children well and balanced
  • Yes a huge bank of inspiring ideas to support my knowledge of the huge benefits of circle time and much much more!

What was the most useful part of the training, and what changes do you intend to make as a result of this training?

  • We took away a lot for our setting. How to communicate with staff. New fun ways to make children happy
  • Everything!! I will be going back to my setting with a thousand and one ideas to improve the lives of our staff and little ones
  • All of the course very useful. Lots of information to take back to the setting
  • All of the course very useful. Lots of information to take back to the setting
  • Full of lots of amazing ideas; jar of good choices, golden moments etc
  • It was all really good! I liked the games and being involved
  • Training was fantastic. Very exciting ideas and extremely informative
  • Using puppets during circle time to encourage children to interact and help build their skills further

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