My Happy, Golden Place! (Jenny, Glastonbury, the Police Horse and the Confetti – Mini Blog)

Wow, I am feeling very lucky… friends, flowers and fun… what more do you need in life! I have a love of horses that goes back to my childhood, so I think I was more thrilled to see this police horse than I was seeing Kylie!!! The other pic of me and one of the grandchildren was exciting too as the band, Years and Years, released showers of confetti. Beth was happy with me until I actually started to pick up all the confetti from the ground, putting it into a bag, muttering about throwing it in future Circle Times – at that point she edged away and disowned me! We all need the odd day of golden moments and silliness… I hope all of you wonderful people have many of these moments during the summer holiday that is coming up. You work so hard, I drive into your school car parks and they are always full before 8.00 am and late, late, late into the evening. You are extraordinary in your championing of children…. now rest and relax soon.


Website Editor’s Notes 

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