Keep Going ‘Keeping Going’!

I argue with myself, snuggle back under the duvet and then grumble my way out of bed some mornings to do some yoga.  I love it but nowadays I find I love sleep more so it’s an everyday battle to become focussed and mindful of how lucky we are.  I leave home on a Sunday and normally don’t get back till a Friday evening.  Everywhere I go I take my little mat with me and in some deep purple corner of a Premier Inn I can be found in the dark making strange and wonderful shapes and quiet moany sounds… and sometimes it doesn’t feel at all spiritual, just another chore.

It’s strange though isn’t it, you just have to keep on ‘keeping going’ because some days a ray of light or energy penetrates your gloom and it all seems completely worthwhile.  So there I was on my yearly girls’ holiday where we go abroad for one week and this time I was able to actually do the ‘salutation to the sun god’ to the sun god.

My friend Barbara and I got up early every morning and went down to the beach to do our yoga as the sun rose up in its glorious pinky orange magnificence.  Everything made sense… it’s worth keeping going just for the random joys.  So here’s a photo of me feeling very happy, calm and focussed… I will try and remember these mornings now that the clocks have gone back and the hotel carpets are dusty and the rain is beating against the windows… all will be well, eventually.


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