Lovely new catalogue and end of year underspend

Hi Everyone – we, at Positive Press, have all been beavering away (see our new hardworking beaver!!!) to produce lots of new resources to save you time and to give you loads of ideas for practical things to help life in classrooms and playgrounds be kinder, calmer and more focussed – and therefore more productive.

Pleeeeease check them out. I go into schools nearly every day talking to teachers and children about what they want, so we try really hard to meet the needs of people working with children. My little office team don’t get to meet children and teachers as much as I do (although they have all been to see me work in schools) so they LOVE it if people come back and tell us if they like our resources or come up with great ideas for their classroom and playground.

This year we have new and long-awaited “Do Not Disturb” and “Silence is Golden” table top signs, and some fantastic new

puppets including cheeky baby chimpanzee, Dizzy the dinosaur egg, an adorable Labrador puppy and an amazing snowy owl – all set to capture the hearts and imaginations of your children.

For the playground, zoning is now very popular for organising the space for playing. We have created some brilliant, bright and durable playground zone disk signs to help everyone get organised and have fun!

Our new posters range, hot off the press, includes purpose-designed Golden Rules posters with fantastic new cartoon characters that bring the whole Golden Rules system to life. There are new peace cards too and new, handy pocket books .… I could go on!

So do please shop online, or email to ask for a new  catalogue or click on our catalogue order form on the website  If you have any budget underspends then do treat yourself and the children.

Website Editor’s Notes

1. The new catalogue from Jenny Mosley and Positive Press is due out soon, and nearly all our new products are on the website and for sale already. So, do order a catalogue and/or look online.

2. The catalogue boasts a range of books, posters, flash cards, CDs, games, parachutes, puppets, signs for classrooms, halls, corridors, dining halls and playgrounds.

3. For catalogues, training and resources enquiries, phone 01225 767157 or email

3. Jenny Mosley is available to bring her tried, tested and trusted Quality Circle Time model to schools and early years settings in the UK and overseas.