Our own (faux) Royal Wedding!

Hi everyone here is a quick cheating blog! I have snitched my daughter, Meg’s, blog and photos because they are funny and features me as Camilla and mum as the Queen! I have never worn a straight skirt before or shoes with a heel and glam stockings – so I actually loved being Camilla and didn’t take the outfit off for nearly 3 days. It is great to dress up – isn’t it? If I get a minute I will ask the school that Meg mentions if they would release this wonderful film of a year 6 boy, who has raided the outdoor dressing up box in the playground, is dressed up to the nines doing the craziest dance I have ever seen – much loved by all his peers. The same school all dressed up for the royal wedding and ‘Kate and Wills’, didn’t just have ordinary wedding vows – they pledged to keep to the golden rules with each other “I hereby promise to be gentle…… kind…. honest… listen…. look after things… try my best.”!

As soon as I get the picture of this golden wedding I will post it on. It was just so heartening to know the golden rules are so embedded that they have even reached the marriage alter!!!


So do click on the link here and read all about the hoot that we had and see how Meg managed to merge our own Royal Wedding dress-up, photoshoot and celebrations with her house-warming party! http://www.megmosley.co.uk/blog/

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