Positive playtimes with snowballs and sledges in Geneva!

Read how the children in Switzerland were enjoying their playtimes when Jenny went there to train the school’s teaching assistants last week.

A very significant part of my work is to train staff to bring about happier and more productive lunchtimes and playtimes in the many different settings that I visit. This academic year I have been to many fantastic schools in the UK, but have also been privileged to have been invited to work in Hong Kong, New Zealand and the Cayman Islands. However, I recently I witnessed some children having the happiest time of all!

I was in Geneva in Switzerland training Teaching Assistants. It was wonderful to work with such caring and professional staff. But the children at lunchtime had the best time of all. They spent the whole lunch break sledging and snowballing! Shame I can’t usually put it on the list of wonderful things for children to do when I do lunchtimes training in the UK!

Website Manager’s Notes

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