Quality Circle Time in the Primary Classroom – 17 reprints in 22 years!!

Here is ‘Quality Circle Time in the Primary Classroom’, sitting next to the also-popular ‘More Quality Circle Time’. 

The other day we just pulled a recently-printed copy of this classic book, first published in 1996 by LDA off the shelf and we had no idea how many times it had been reprinted. So we checked – and to our surprise saw that it is now on its 17th reprint in 22 years. So we thought we would celebrate with this little blog!

Thousands of these books have sold over the past 22 years and it is well and truly our best-seller. In fact, we were just thinking… if each reprint was for 3,000 copies, this equates to 51,000 copies being sold, and over 50,000 people having read the book!

Hot on it’s heels in terms of popularity is the much more recent, “How to Create Calm Dining Halls” – we wait to see how many reprints this one will be wanting!

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