Quality Circle Time is Thriving In India – Helped By A New Grant

The Promotion of Quality Circle Time in India, Helped by a New Grant

After 12 years of diligent work by The Teacher Foundation, led by Maya Menon and her energetic team, Quality Circle Time is at the cusp of becoming a very sizeable force to be reckoned with in India. A new grant has been awarded to TTF to allow practitioners to focus on internal Train the Trainers programmes which will lead to further QCT training and wider implementation across further areas of India. TTF is the only accredited training provider for conducting QCT trainings in India.

Maya Menon, TTF founder and director said,“Quality Circle Time (QCT) is the soul of the work carried out at TTF. I’ve been doing quite a lot of training for teachers and head teachers on QCT in different parts of the country. Our QCT work has been essentially promoted through word of mouth. Schools and principals who undergo the training talk about it to others. Our very important Safe and Sensitive Schools (SASS) initiative which incorporates the QCT ecosystemic model, has recently been joined by a new school – The Samhita Academy in Bangalore. It has proactively enrolled for the 18 months’ intervention in addition to the schools already on the programme. Our SASS schools are all committed to building a warm and positive ethos. Having just been awarded a new grant, we have some funds to focus more rigorously on internal train-the-trainer programmes which will allow us to take our QCT and SASS programmes further afield. I believe we are at the cusp of making QCT a movement in Indian schools – and it’s taken us 12 long years of enduring but very worthwhile work.”

Jenny Mosley and the Consultancy is very proud of its strong links with The Teacher Foundation (TTF) in Bangalore and are in awe of their achievements. Jenny Mosley Consultancies has enjoyed an international training partnership with TTF for over 12 years. QCT in its pure form has been implemented across India and very impressive figures last year stated that from April 2012 – March 2013, over 1050 staff within 14 establishments received the 2-day QCT training to help schools implement the model.

The two day training literature argues: “The training on Whole School Quality Circle Time (QCT) is an intensive but very enjoyable 2 day session based on the Whole School Eco-systemic model developed by Jenny Mosley. It is an approach that is inclusive, positive, caring and assertive so that students and staff experience success in school. This two day session helps participants to understand the ethos of the Whole School Quality Circle Time Model to promote positive behaviour and respectful relationships and also trains them in conducting Circle Time sessions effectively with children.”

A Typical Two-Day Training Course

Within a typical two days of training, participants explore listening systems, appreciation systems and staff morale as integral elements of the ecosystemic model. They also see live demonstrations of Quality Circle Time with classes of students and experience a QCT session for themselves.”

Please click to download the new promotional material from TTF for QCT and SASS and do get in touch if you want to find out more about the important work being carried out. (www.teacherfoundation.org)

International Schools Training

Jenny Mosley Consultancies has provided international training in many different countries. The Quality Circle Time programme travels with Jenny and colleagues to many different cultures as it focuses upon moral values, positivity and creativity and is not restricted by language or cultural differences. If you are an international school interested in an international training programme or even a locall school abroad, do get in touch as programmes can be specifically designed to meet your international training requirements.

Website Manager’s Note

Last year The Teacher Foundation (TTF) celebrated ten years of teacher training and school support. Over those eventful years, they reached out to around 25000 teachers and school heads in both memorable and professionally-enabling ways. To commemorate their ten successful years working with school educators, TTF launched “Ten Talks”. For more information go to: http://www.teacherfoundation.org

Jenny Mosley has had very strong links with The Teacher Foundation and during these ten years has visited India regularly to work with Maya Menon, the Director of TTF, and with many teachers and schools on international training projects.

To find out more about Jenny Mosley’s international training and partnership working and how her training, consultancy, resources and conferencing can help support your organisation’s aims, please phone 01225 767157 or email circletime@jennymosley.co.uk