Quality Circle Time training in East Yorkshire – some brave children and very positive adults

The other day I was inivited to work with a cluster of schools in Yorkshire on an INSET day and the schools requested a Quality Circle Time training day.

During that day, I was reminded of how brave children are… and how good natured. I started the term off with a training day for a cluster of four schools. They wanted to focus on circle time and, as usual, I asked them if they could bring back a couple of classes of pupils on the inset day.

This is often hard for schools to arrange because of the holidays and the possibilities that the parents may be doing something else or forget. So, as sometimes happens, I ended up with two very small circles – one circle of children from reception to year 2, about 14 of them and a circle of years 4, 5 and 6 children – 11 of those.

We had at least 50 or 60 teachers and TA’s observing. So there they were, this little brave band of children sitting on small chairs with me, someone they have never met before doing circle time in front of lots of strangers. I just can’t tell you how much I respect children’s courage and resilience. When I was little, I was very shy (I know you wouldn’t believe that now!!!) they all however tried their best, they all responded to everything I did, chatted to puppets, came up with ideas to help children’s anger problems, reflected on how good the golden rules were, weighed up whether their rewards and consequences systems were working or not and contributed 100%. We must always remember how lucky we are to work with children and we all need to learn from them. I often say on my course, I don’t know whether I have earnt my left wing views. Would I ever have been brave enough to stand up against apartheid? Would I have marched with the suffragettes and risked my family’s safety? Children who are given the right support, to speak up and the confidence through doing it regularly, seem always to be incredibly brave and speak their truth. I wish I’d have had circle time when I was little!


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