Training and Conferencing in Chile April 2018 – But First, Some Mountainous Golden Moments!

Jenny has had an amazing start to her working trip to Chile with a stay at ‘Cascada De Las Animas‘ – translated as “The Waterfall of Animas”. Being very happy at this gorgeous holiday and spa centre and being lucky enough to have lots of ‘Golden Moments’ – like the one on the horse above, Jenny sent home this photo.  She is staying in a wonderful wooden veranda-hugged cabin-type yurt overlooking a beautiful waterfall. Jenny said in a quick text she thought it was so lovely that she could stay up the mountain for ever!

However, today is the day of coming back down to the city for a very important reason. She will be delivering a seminar at a conference on Friday 6th April for the ASBCH (The Association of British Schools in Chile) – entitled “Promoting Emotional Health and Wellbeing For Others Starts With Oneself”. On Saturday 7th April Jenny will also be delivering workshops entitled: ‘The Five Wells for Wellbeing’ and ‘Fun and Games Motivate Social and Emotional Intelligence’ – with a very exciting and full conference lined up for this day.

So, we at the office very much look forward to hearing how the conferences go. And the excitement continues as next week Jenny is running a 4-day Train the Trainers, also in Santiago, where she will work in depth with delegates training them in the Whole School Quality Circle Time Model so that they each can take the model back to their own settings.

This is Jenny plus companion on a previous trip to Chile – just had to include it here! 🙂

Website Manager’s Notes

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Jenny’s lovely Golden Moments happened at ‘Cascada De Las Animas‘. Jenny urges anyone reading this blog who lives in Santiago or who is visiting Chile, to give themselves a huge treat and visit Cascada De Las Animas. It’s only an hour’s drive from Santiago – and offers spa days and facilities, horse riding, yoga, trekking, rafting, wine tours and a wonderful range of mindfulness training and experiences in a truly idyllic setting. A really beautiful, peaceful centre worth visiting.