“School Life” Education Conference, University of Los Andes, Santiago, Chile, 2018

What a fabulous Education Conference on Saturday 7th April 2018 with the ASBCH (The Association of British Schools in Chile) at the University of Los Andes, for the conference called “School Life”

I was privileged to be the only international speaker at this fantastic event attended by around 400 teachers who turned out for their continuing professional development even though it was the weekend.

It was a wonderful day of traditional common sense, breaking into new ground with new ideas, plenty of networking and good fun too. (Do excuse some of the paragraphs below that were translated electronically so may be stilted or slightly inaccurate in places – no fault of the presenters below!)

This was my second visit to Chile, and I didn’t need to work with an interpreter as most of the delegates spoke English. Here are the two workshops that I ran:

The Five Wells for Wellbeing

Jenny Mosley explores the elements of effective staff personal care plans. Her Five Wells for Wellbeing represent the cognitive, spiritual, creative, physical and emotional areas of life. Jenny emphasises the importance of paying attention to our lives, bringing bring balance into our lives to promote calmness, resilience and good emotional health.

Fun And Games Motivate Social and Emotional Intelligence

We all need to laugh together. Humour and laughter is known to help create attachment and to motivate us. Jenny explores the importance of humour and laughter in the classroom as well as looking at the importance of humour for emotional health and wellbeing.

The rest of the day was also very exciting with a fantastic line up of speakers / workshops as follows:

Jorge Varela The Importance of school climate for life in school

Along with knowing key aspects of school climate, its implications for different areas of school life will be reviewed. For example, it is a positive predictor of academic performance, it is a protective factor for the negative consequences of risk factors, and it is a relevant factor in preventing situations of risk and violence

Convivencia Digital / Soledad Garcés  The role of the teacher and family in education in the use of digital media as risk prevention agents.

Strategies to enhance digital coexistence from the classroom.Preventive factors of cyberbullying and other problems derived from the inappropriate use of ICT.

Brave Up / Alvaro Carrasco  Brave UP: A better school we all do.

Introduction about Brave UP program, the experience of a hybrid work between online and offline within the dimension of school coexistence, success stories and learning obtained in 4 years of land and presentation of new detected phenomena.

Volando in V / Andrea Henríquez  Overcoming school mistreatment

Addressed to his testimony as a victim and how he managed to overcome it. The power is in the young. Leadership of the elderly in healthy coexistence. Volando en V is based on the leadership and good example of the older students of the school so that they generate in their school community a healthy and positive coexistence that manages to prevent situations of abuse. 

Fractal School / Samantha Cotton  The art of generating links

Install the concept of the link as an essential pillar in relationships, in the capacity to build trust and empowerment of the virtues of each individual within a system.Deliver, through an experiential methodology, concrete tools and actions to teachers to build spaces of trust, active listening and conflict resolution in the class room.Know how to manage the effect that own judgments and others have on the relationship and bond between students, generating a favorable space for a good school life.Recognize how links and spaces of trust with teachers can help improve coexistence.


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