Training Trip to Brazil 2015

Hi I’m back from Brazil.

It was really exciting to be working in a big international school with children from age three to eighteen. I spent a week working in their pre-prep (early years), primary and senior schools. I think I did about 20 circle-times with different classes, a big circle-time with parents and lots of circle-times with teachers and support staff. I feel really positive about the work because it was my third visit and I feel the school is building slowly and carefully on each initiative that I have introduced. They have a long term commitment to CPD and embedding initiatives that can be sustainable and add to the overall vision. I love the openness and warmth of all the staff, parents and children which I find exciting and re-energising.

In fact it looks like the Pre-Prep school has achieved our Gold Award status! We are just collecting the final pieces of evidence now but I was really impressed with the fabulous work they have done. Amazingly they have also run regular sessions for parents on the Golden rules which are now part of every home!!!

Here is a snapshot of a couple of the initatives taken by the school:

St Paul’s Jar of Good Choices

At the beginning of term, the class should come up with acceptable rewards that take 3 mins long and are written on lolly sticks and kept in a bucket of Golden rewards (e.g. parachute, pass the parcel, splat, zoom eek bang, musical chairs, musical statues, etc).

Learning Skills Stamps

When carrying out a task, children are encouraged to think of all the different skills they are using and can show these skills by choosing different stamps to help make this process more visual.

We very much look forward to hearing more from St Paul’s as their work continues.

Web Manager’s Notes

1.  Jenny visited Sao Paulo School, Brazil, in 2010, 2012 and now 2015 to work with managers and pupils and train staff in schools. In 2012, Jenny participated in the school’s first ever education conference entitled “Educating to keep Pace with Change” and was amongst other key international speakers.

2. Jenny regularly contributes keynotes, training and workshops at large conferences in the UK and abroad. If you are holding a conference or training phone or email to see if we can help with keynotes and workshops.

3. For all resources relating to the Golden Rules and Golden Time, Quality Circle Time and golden lunchtimes and playtimes, go to our Circle Time Shop