Very Cute Golden Time with Westbrook’s Westie!

Ooooooh – I do love teachers’ creativity! You all know my Golden Time…..originally I suggested a large sun with pegs on with all the children’s faces on the pegs. If they break a golden rule the peg gets put on a sun with a cloud going over his face. If the child stops doing the inappropriate behaviour – the teacher says “good choice” and puts the peg back on the happy sun.

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However, if a child continues to break the rule after a warning, or breaks another golden rule while on the warning cloud – they get put on a separate sad cloud and know that they will lose some minutes off Golden Time.

Well, over the years I have seen many versions of my Golden Time as I visit different schools – but last week I went into Westbrook Old Hall Primary in Warrington and I found this lovely version using their school mascot “Westie”. Thank you to Jane Peters for showing me her year 6 version – it is wonderful! Thank you too to Westbrook Old Hall Primary for being on its way to collecting The Gold Award.

P.S. Check out the expression on his little face!

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