Behaving Badly

Sometimes you just need to be naughty.  Being kind and well behaved all the time takes up energy and it’s really good to unwind being a bit silly.  So I couldn’t resist pinching my daughter Meg’s blog and putting it on mine – cos she made me laugh – and I thought therefore I would share it with you all.  She is describing an occasion when I linked up eventually with Meg and behaved very badly.

I would be really upset if somebody walked out of my class, so please don’t ever test me on that.  So here it is and here is a picture of Meg.  Forgive Meg’s language – apparently it’s how it is nowadays Sometimes it’s good to be naughty ….

“So basics mum locked my phone in her room and I wasn’t allowed visiting rights. The law really favours the mother innit the system is shot. Jokes! Mum took me to a well being spa and enrolled me in fit camp threatening id never make it as a freelance artist if I didn’t get a better balance. A guy stuck electrodes on my feet and told me I was overweight – lovely. Personally I woulda said curvy. Over it. I hate team building and there was a super annoying instructor who said we were all here to make a change to our lives. Vom. Well I’m here as my mum is

attempting to make a change to mine I want to leave. I tell mum this is shit, mum proper hates me. Says I’m spoiled she’s right but I don’t wanna be here making faux gym friends with annoying women – I mean why is there a shit smiley face drawn on the flip chart. Jezus! Then we get paper handed around YES!!! I know I might still win mum hates this stuff on her time off she’s only enduring this as she wants to teach me not to be a brat. We get asked to write things about ourselves on the paper …once those words were uttered… I just waited like a second – mum looking tense says “get your things we’re leaving” we walk out and book into the full fat spa package and are found eating three courses at the buffet by a bemused instructor who comes to our table lol! Not only that we have to do the walk of shame past the fit camp group each day who weren’t allowed to sit in our fatty bombatty buffet. We had a lush time. Frump camp – not so bad hehe!” by Meg Mosley

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