Behaviour and Lunchtimes Never Looked So Good In Crewe!

In July 2012 Jenny Mosley was asked to create and deliver two special days of training for staff across the town of Crewe. The Crewe Partnership of 14 primary and 4 high schools was recently awarded status as a Teaching School Alliance and behaviour and communication was seen as a local priority. There were specific sessions for class teachers and managers, and an afternoon for teaching assistants.

As lunchtimes are often difficult in any school mid day supervisors had spent time in each others schools to share practice. This was so successful that every single lunch time supervisor was invited to the town’s community centre to learn the latest in best practice from Jenny. All the feedback from the150 present was unanimously positive, and many said they had a chance to reflect on their own practice. Here are some examples:

“it was fantastic and an amazing look at ourselves”

“I love that I remembered how to play”.

“Enjoyed the theory and came away with lots of games to play”

(This knitted tree cosy is another example of an innovative Crewe project where children and older people have worked together on this creative project.)

Managers who had been concerned with raising standards and the impending Ofsted inspections were very pleased and invited Jenny to do work in their own schools. One manager described jenny as : “Lively, active and dealt very quickly with questions and common issues in schools”.

Although this training was held at the end of a long summer term, everyone emerged from the sessions energised. It is very difficult to capture the strength of feeling from the two days: perhaps some of the words used in the feedback sheets gives an impression:

Refreshing, enthusiastic,  trusting, honest, inspiring,  reflection, interesting informative, fun, enjoyable, memorable, positive, humorous, pacey, variety, brilliant, important, involving, focussed, team building motivational, practical , excellent delivery, lively , useful encouraging, strategies.

“So many ideas I can’t wait to put them into operation”

The only snag raised by attendees was the shortage of time and colleagues to share with “Should be held in individual schools and all members of staff should attend”!

Many thanks to Ben Wye for helping with information for this article.

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