‘Going For Gold’ with Jenny!

Come and join us! We’re ‘Going for Gold’ to tie in with surge of sporting and Olypmic energy this year! The Olympic and Paralympic Games are more than just about sport, they are underpinned by Pierre de Coubertin’s (the founder of the modern Olympic movement) philosophy. He saw the Games as a great opportunity to promote a set of values that could be applied to sport, education and to society as a whole. These values are:

respect – fair play; knowing one’s own limits; and taking care of one’s health and the environment

excellence – how to give the best of oneself, on the field of play or in life; taking part; and progressing according to one’s own objectives

friendship – how, through sport, to understand each other despite any differences

The Paralympic Values are based on the history of the Paralympic Games and the tradition of fair play and honourable sports competition. They are:





Jenny Mosley Consultancies’ own set of moral values for education are promoted through the Whole School Quality Circle Time model to help create a caring, respectful and excellent learning environment for pupils and teachers are:

We are gentle

We are kind and helpful

We listen

We are honest

We work hard

We look after property

We can see clear threads of similarity running through these sets of values. So, Go for Gold with us!

We work with many schools that have truly ‘golden’ classrooms, ‘golden’ dining halls, ‘golden’ playgrounds and ‘golden’ atmospheres for learning. But many teachers and schools are still ‘Going for Gold’. Jenny Mosley Consultancies’ Golden Model for schools, early years and special education settings encompasses the following golden areas:

Golden-hearted Circle Time

Golden Rules

Golden Incentives

Golden Time

Golden Playtimes

Children ‘beyond’ the Golden Model

Golden You

To help you ‘Go for Gold’ too, we will be having competitions, chances for you to tell us your experiences, free give-aways and much more! So please ‘Go for Gold’ with Jenny Mosley and the team, watch this space and share us on Facebook if you like us and want to help others ‘Go for Gold’ too!

Jenny Mosley’s 100 Golden Inspirations for Teachers

We love using inspirations and, by popular request, we have collected together 100 brilliant ones – Jenny’s favourites! On training days we often quote inspirational sayings as their sharp focus can motivate you immediately. They are designed by us and have been backed on lovely card. We hunted high and low for the best golden tones and textures to create beautiful borders to make them even more inspirational! Each sheet is A4 so they can be easily seen on a board in your staff room or corridor! There are 50 sheets of card, double-sided so just turn them around and let them lift your spirits! We will be starting a competition on Facebook this week to win a set of these so start thinking of your favourite quotes to share with us!

Click Here to see our Golden Inspirations pack!