Boosting the Emotional Resilience of Adults Working with Troubled Children – Educational Psychology Conference, Rhondda Cynon Taf

“I have just come back from presenting at an Educational Psychologists Conference in the Borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf, North of Cardiff.  We were looking at the importance of adults boosting their own personal resilience so that they can find the energy and inner strength to support troubled children,” said Jenny Mosley. The conference came about when one of the conference organisers heard Jenny speaking at an earlier Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) conference.

Welsh practitioners are piloting a strategy called ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ (ACEs). This initiative stems from research linking early childhood traumatic and health-harming experiences with developing health-harming and anti-social behaviours as an adult, including being more likely to perform more poorly at school and more likely to be involved in crime. Cymru Well Wales has committed to addressing these Adverse Childhood Experiences and their impact in Wales by making all public services in Wales able to respond effectively to prevent and mitigate the harms from ACEs and by building protective factors and resilience in the population to cope with ACEs that cannot be prevented.

Jenny said, “I am really thrilled that the two educational psychologists who are running the pilot are very enthusiastic about my Five Wells for Wellbeing model and have incorporated it into their programme to support the adults and children.”

This conference has come at a time when Jenny and the staff at Jenny Mosley Consultancies are receiving a significantly increased number of enquiries for staff wellbeing training and for wellbeing training in primary schools.

Schools can be confident that a focus on well-being and mental health not only enables them to provide healthy and happy school environments for pupils and staff and prepare the citizens of tomorrow with sound character and values, but also directly supports their more immediate mission: the promotion of effective learning.”  (Weare 2015 What works in promoting social and emotional well-being and responding to mental health problems in schools?)

Jenny Mosley is available for running conferences and giving training days on wellbeing and resilience in schools and at conferences. All of Jenny’s model works towards positively boosting the wellbeing and morale of everyone in schools by providing clear and safe boundaries, motivating incentives and consequences, by promoting lunchtimes and playtimes as good, social times for healthy activities and exercise and by working with staff to boost emotional literacy and social competencies in children.

“Jenny Mosley’s Circle Time approaches when widely used, enable young people to develop the skills to negotiate, listen and respond with empathy, as well as to express themselves and solve problems … in the best practice young people were taught and encouraged to be highly aware of their own behaviour …” Ofsted research 2009.


Website Managers Notes

Jenny runs Wellbeing Training for Staff and Children in Early Years settings, primary schools and secondary schools.

See our Early Years Training page here.

Here are some comments back from a Wellbeing Training Conference in Summer 2017 – this conference also had a focus on including fun and games.

  • ‘Mindfulness is something I had heard of but never really understood.  I have come away with so much more understanding and enthusiasm. I am now motivated to start working on myself and sharing it with my team.”  Abby, St Margaret’s school.
  • ‘When did I forget the importance of FUN and GAMES in school?  Thank you sincerely for the reminder Jenny.’ Carrie Matthews, Head of Willen Primary school.
  • ‘What a wonderful day, you have reminded me to look after me and have inspired me to want to spend more time developing the self-esteem of our staff and children’.  Daniella Toyer, Bushmead Primary school.
  • ‘Have now got a bank of games to use with staff at training evenings to revitalise them as much as I feel now.’  Sarah Gilbert, Deputy head, Chapel Street Nursery school.

If you are interested in finding out about booking Jenny for a conference day, an INSET day or for a working in school day please phone 01225 767158 or email