Bringing joy to children in Malawi – some positive news

Sometimes it takes so little to bring a lot of joy. Laura Macmillan, a young, enthusiastic positive teacher went out with a friend to Malawi and used a parachute in four different primary schools. The mothers were so impressed that they are going to make some more using their local fabric. They also taught all the teachers and parents lots of different games they can use.

Honestly I am so impressed by the unsung heroes – like these two Scottish teachers. So many amazing young people go and help others in their holidays as well. If you were to trawl the internet for blogs you would find thousands of schools are adopting a range of schools from beleaguered countries. Sending money is really important but giving your time is beyond compare. I wish there was more media coverage on the incredible amount of good things that happen in this world. I only know one fabulous newspaper in the U.K. called Positive News that used to just focus on all the fabulous things happening throughout the world. It was founded by the wonderful Shauna Crockett-Burrows – she died in 2012 and I am not sure if anyone else has kept it going – I would love to know.

Meanwhile, (below) on a slightly different note and back in the UK, these secondary school pupils had a lot of fun on the day we played parachute games – they said that if they could have more fun more often they thought that they could work harder!


Website Manager’s Notes

1. Jenny is always pleased to hear about positive news, especially relating to our training, educational model and resources being used in exciting and innovative ways.

2. Jenny was involved as a resources donor with another project in Malawi in 2012 called Starfish Malawi.

3 Jenny’s Whole School Model travels really well to other countries as children are children in whatever country they are living in. To find out more about bringing projects and resources to countries other than the UK please phone 01225 767157 or email