Headteacher in Cornwall using puppets to teach manners – BBC Breakfast Feb 2015

Have you seen this?  We were delighted to catch sight of this on the BBC Breakfast News a few days agonewspaper article. Isn’t it great to see Headteachers using the power of puppets? This Headteacher,Geoff Smith from Kehelland Primary School, Camborne, Cornwall, was on the national BBC breakfast television show about lessons in manners and patience using puppets.

Click Here to see the BBC Breakfast News clip February 2015

Here are some links to Jenny’s work with puppets from You Tube

1. Jenny Mosley presents the seal puppet at the Findhorn Northern Lights Conference 2009

2. The power of using puppets – clips from a Findhorn conference

3. DVD clip of using puppets with early years children

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