Remember those playground games – and WIN a free LARGE outdoor CUT OUT GAMES SIGN!

This month we are celebrating all the new resources in our 2015 catalogue. We always expect a good response when we send out our new catalogue but this year we are so thrilled that practitioners have told us that they can see straight away how the resources will benefit themselves and the children in their care – and they are keeping us very busy in the warehouse fulfilling orders!

Working almost daily in schools, over the last year, I have seen some extremely busy dining halls – some stretched to the limits with noise, behaviour, queuing and the systems in general all posing problems at an important part of the school day. So, in response, we have created some great, individual colourful dining hall stickers and posters – which, alongside our main Dining Hall Rules poster, show children the Golden Rules and Dining Hall Rules personified with cartoon characters and clear messages. They help to set behavioural expectations by thanking the children for many aspects of their positive behaviour – thus saving your voice! The stickers are a great reinforcement for keeping the values, and can be given out by any member of the midday supervision team – and are proving to be a positive talking point for children during the afternoon and beyond.

Our new Dining Hall book (coming soon and currently available for pre-order) is something we are also very excited about – and it’s the first of it’s kind that we have found. It addresses dining hall systems and behaviour very clearly and is full of great, practical advice, questionnaires and photocopiables.

In classroom, corridors, playgrounds and dining halls too, our new High Five posters also reallyhelp children to understand HOW to be: a great circle timer, a good friend, a great listener, calm in the corridor, how to play well and how to have good manners in the dining hall. They have easy to read, strong motivational sentences on each poster and a positive cartoon image for children to relate to. (Available in A2 and A3 full colour 200gsm paper, we also have very durable aluminium composite versions of these posters (A2 only) so we can offer very robust solutions too!)

Meanwhile, out on the playground, ever get weary of hearing “What shall we play, miss?”. Look no further. Children will love Jenny Mosley’s new large playground, very visible Cut Out signs. Games not only keep children fit, but they also encourage teamwork, teach valuable lessons about winning and losing and help children practice reading and understanding instructions.

Made from aluminium composite, these signs are tough and weather resistant and will add colour and fun to your playground. To choose from, we have 7 classic games:

What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Queenie, Queenie

Oranges and lemons

I sent a letter

In and out the dusty bluebells

Grandma’s / Grandpa’s footsteps

What’s more, we are giving away one of these signs to a lucky winner who enters our February competition – please see below!

Competition Time!

For a chance to win a FREE Large Cut Out playground games sign either:

a) Contact us via and tell us the name of your favourite playground game from when you were a child


b) Follow us on Facebook, find our “Win a LARGE playground games cut out” post, like it and tell us in the comments box the name of your favourite playground game from when you were a child. (We are always grateful to people who like and share our page and posts :-))

Competition closes at noon on Friday 6th March 2015.