Bursting with Pride

I’ve just been to my daughter Meg’s exhibition of her two new films at the incredibly wonderful, prestigious, and groundbreaking Jerwood Space. She films her life. Hmmm – viewing these as her Mum is a sort of bittersweet experience!

Mind you I laughed out loud and startled other quiet visitors (you have to sit with headphones on to look at tv size screenings of her films) at the bit where she’s explaining how scruffy her Trowbridge family was and how her Mum was known as “Jumble Jenny” (true) jumble sales were my passion then! … and how whenever we visited her glamorous grandmother she would first get out a magnifying glass to check the three children’s heads (and mine) for nits before she let us over the threshold.

Now all these grubby secrets are on film for all the good, gorgeous and trendy people of London. Artists are so open nowadays (think Tracey Emin’s tent!!!) … that what I think or say is sometimes on Meg’s Facebook before I’ve thought or said it. Terrifying.

Website Manager’s Notes

1. Jenny’s daughter, Meg Mosely, Artist, has an exhibition at the Jerwood Space- read the press release here.

2. See a film trailer of one of Meg’s film’s here Agog.

3. Meg Mosley works alongside Jenny Mosley at Jenny Mosley Consultancies and Positive Press. For more information about the work of these companies, the training and resources see website or phone 01225 767157.